21 Pretty & Trendy Short Haircuts for Women 2023

Short hairstyles for women is a hairstyle that suits many features, short hair can make your hair looks bushier, and these types include trendy cut, pixie, wavy layers, and gorgeous bobs.

Don't be afraid to try short hair, it shouldn't be your dilemma, especially the owner of long and thick hair. Most importantly, if you don’t like your short hair, you can restore your long hair in a few months.

When you are busy, it is easy to be left behind in fashion. How to keep hot and trendy new short hair is a technique. Don't you want to dress new style and go to weddings and parties? Today we have specially prepared 21 pretty, trendy and fashionable short haircuts suitable for women.

1. Short Hairstyle with Purple Color

1695027100 Short Hairstyle with Purple Color
Purple can make you more charming and match it with the pixie cut.

2. Electric Blue Bob Haircut

1695027122 Electric Blue Bob Haircut
Electric Blue Used PRAVANA 20g Blue+ 5g Violet+ 20g Clear Dilute.

3. Platinum Blonde Pixie Cut

1695027144 Platinum Blonde Pixie Cut
The platinum blonde elf hairstyle on this beauty 🤩🤩 not only looks unique and stylish but is also easy to maintain and super easy to style.

4. Silver Short Hairstyle

1695027165 Silver Short HairstyleWhat a cool model haircut for older women, blunt bangs can make you look a little cute.

5. Short Pixie Cut

1695027187 Short Pixie Cut (2)
What would our mothers have said about those short hair, shorter and shorter, of which today's girls are proud? So short that some teenagers wear longer ones! The day is coming when the one who will have her whole hair will be locked up like crazy ... or like a very old lady.

6. Icey Platinum Blonde Hairstyle

1695027204 Icey Platinum Blonde Hairstyle
Silver has always been a very fashionable color, with the shaved sides.

7. Blonde Pixie Bob

1695027228 Blonde Pixie Bob
What a cute blonde bob!

8. Blonde Buzz Cut

1695027247 Blonde Buzz Cut
Lovely queen with a silver color pixie cut, if you have a sleek forehead, you might as well show it.

9. Short Hair Blue Highlights

1695027272 Short Hair Blue Highlights
This is a personal opinion, but with short hair, you go all out or not at all!
Qualifying them is easier than you might think!

10. Under Shave Short Hair

1695027307 Under Shave Short Hair
This set I had my eye on it forever so when it was finally restocked I jumped on it! It’s the Free people “Malibu boo sweater set” in the color Sun Blossom. This is TTS, and it has a great selection of colors. You can find curated colors available for sale.

11. Silver Short Hairstyle

1695027329 Silver Short Hairstyle (2)
What a cool white short hairstyle, classic messy short hair.

12. Super Short Hairstyle

1695027354 Super Short Hairstyle
A woman getting her hair cut is about to change her life. She discovers inner liberation.

13. Blonde Pixie Haircut

1695027378 Blonde Pixie Haircut
Classic messy short hair, easy to care for your busy morning.

14. Wavy Short Hairstyle

1695027399 Wavy Short Hairstyle
This is another short haircut that is friendly to older women.

15. Short Pixie Cut

1695027430 Short Pixie Cut
Another great haircut, she looks beautiful!

16. Cool Short Hairstyle

1695027451 Cool Short Hairstyle
When you have an exaggerated tattoo, a short pixie cut is the best matching hairstyle.

17. Orange Short Hair

1695027472 Orange Short Hair
A little while back I got lucky to meet as my hair model. We both loved the idea of orange and yellow tones together~

18. Short Pixie Haircut

1695027495 Short Pixie Haircut
Beautiful color😍 the cut is gorgeous.

19. White Shaved Pixie

1695027515 White Shaved Pixie
Great summer, even the heating starts with joy.

20. Under Cut Pixie

1695027534 Under Cut Pixie
“It's so easy, few people have it, let alone sweating less while working at the bar. No, I usually get my skin to fade, and the first time I locked it, I shaved my hair to 8 parts.”

21. Pink Bob Haircut

1695027576 Pink Bob Haircut
The color is really nice, it suits every season so you can easy to maintenance.

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