The Most Popular Wedding Hairstyles Ideas in 2020

Braids are back and have a huge impact on the wedding scene! Whether it’s for the bride or the bridesmaid, braiding is a new and modern way to comb her for the big day. The braids are suitable for all hair types, from fine hair with thick and dense hair to all sorts of desolation and romance, to style and flexible.

Being a bridesmaid is a great honor and sometimes has the advantage of being styled and wearing professional makeup. The hairstyles of bridesmaids can vary from different manifestations, such as regular and classic roles, to structured hairstyles or without discomfort and must be approved by the bride before the big day.

Half up and half-down hairstyles are suitable styles for almost all wedding styles: modern, classic, boho-chic, beach, vintage, etc. Half a look is very beautiful with a romantic touch, regardless of which idea you choose, visualize this fascinating ideas from half hairstyles to inspire you!

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Source: Instagram @weddingforward
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