The Best 25 Haircuts for Round Faces in 2022

Sometimes you wonder why a haircut that looks great on someone else becomes so awkward on you. The most common answer is the difference in face shape. It is important to choose a hairstyle that suits your face shape. Before choosing a hairstyle that suits your face shape, you need to understand which types can highlight our features so that we can become attractive to the maximum extent.

Round face is hard to make hairstyle, you need to hide your face whatever you want to do for your hair, it doesn’t leave much room for you to try out different styles. The point of a round face is how to make you look not like a child but look like a sexy lady.

Don’t worry, now we tell you the best 25 haircuts for round faces that from short to medium-long hair, from bold to conservative, these hairstyles will inspire you to make changes in the new 2022!

1. Short Hair Cut Simple Parting

Short Hair Cut Simple Parting

This classic short haircut is suitable for women who don’t spend too much time on their hair, and you only need to maintain it in the morning.

2. Blonde Short Pixie Cut

Blonde Short Pixie Cut

A delicate pixie with tapered sideburns can be designed as a simple look like this when you have soft hair to highlight your blonde hair.

3. Blonde Short Hair Pixie Undercut

Blonde Short Hair Pixie Undercut

When you have a round face and your goal is to slim it down, this undercut will achieve great results and the large earrings won’t look out of place.

4. Rose Color Pixie Cuts

Rose Color Pixie Cuts

Rose color is suitable for women over 30 years old, the black shade at the root of the hair makes it not monotonous, wear it whether it is cool spring and autumn or hot summer.

5. Balayage Hair Pixie Shag Style

Balayage Hair Pixie Shag Style

All you need is faith, trust and a fantastic pixie cut, the red balayage looks very fashionable and fits well with a fair round face.

6. Cropped and Radiating Short Hair

Cropped and Radiating Short Hair

The Queen of the neutrals pulls off this cut beautifully and this particular cut has all the hallmarks of a perfect short crop. Gorgeous micro fringe, lashings of texture and a perfectly blended tapered back and sides.

7. Shag Haircut Half Color

Shag Haircut Half Color

Red and blonde hair with a shag haircut.

8. French Bob Transformation

French Bob Transformation

Gorgeous cut with textured bangs, the volume and waves of this hairstyle are in the right place to accentuate the right features.

9. Blue Bob Hair

Blue Bob Hair

Want to add a little unique blue to your hair? It will look very special and feminine!

10. Blonde Hair Choppy Bob Pink Bangs

Blonde Hair Choppy Bob Pink Bangs

Short blonde hair can be a little color in its simplicity, while red in the bangs can maximize your look.

11. Straight Bob Japanese Style

Straight Bob Japanese Style

A vertical hair bob style is a good choice, it’s a bit like a french bob but with a unique style that suits round faces.

12. Textured Bob with Short Bangs

Textured Bob with Short Bangs

She looks amazing! It is perfect for girls with thinning hair and round faces, it is perfect for girls with thinning hair and round faces, bringing out your excellent features.

13. Classic Bob Middle Parting

Classic Bob Middle Parting

Long straight hair design, part your hair from the middle to make your face look thinner, you can try to wear this hairstyle to trim your round face.

14. Ash Color Short Texture Hair Cut

Ash Color Short Texture Hair Cut

New year new hair, try this ash color with short texture hair cut. It brings balance to the hair and face shape while retaining femininity.

15. Bob Haircut with Big Side Parting

Bob Haircut with Big Side Parting

A large parting can avoid a common Bob, when you do not know how to choose a hairstyle, you can consider this one, it can cover the round face visually weaken the symmetry effect.

16. Short Angled Bob Haircut

Short Angled Bob Haircut

Another way to solve the problem of a round face is to choose the angled bob, which will make your hair shorter and thinner with the cutting layers, and become more shapely.

17. Ice Blonde Short Hair

Ice Blonde Short Hair

Ice color is for the chic girl, people’s attention will shift from your round face to your hair, go out and show off your hair color!

18. Blonde Short Bob Hair

Blonde Short Bob Hair

What a lovely textured Bob hairstyle, adding a wavy texture will give you supreme charm.

19. White Pink Bob Hair

White Pink Bob Hair

This color is very unique and cute, and the round face with it is like a character in a Japanese comic, full of girlishness.

20. Pink Balayage Shoulder Hair

Pink Balayage Shoulder Hair

Her hair looks super nice, this is a more stylish version of a long bob, with a pink balayage dye job to add to the look.

21. Blonde Balayage with Highlights

Blonde Balayage with Highlights

To liven up your layered hairstyle, process it with a curling iron and add blonde highlights over brown undertones to accentuate your facial features.

22. Wavy Hair Highlighted with Root Tap

Wavy Hair Highlighted with Root Tap

This is lovely blonde medium hair, it is easy, low maintenance grows out… perfect for the teenagers.

23. Bronde Balayage Wavy Hair

Bronde Balayage Wavy Hair

You can choose this long wavy hairstyle, the black roots are not too monotonous, the rich balayage can add vitality to your hair.

24. Medium Layer & Curtain Bangs

Medium Layer Curtain Bangs

Envious of her glamorous curls? The point of this hairstyle is to trim hair with natural waves and layers to become more feminine.

25. Blonde Highlights Medium Hair

Blonde Highlights Medium Hair

Indulge in a medium cut with feathered layers to slim and accentuate your neck, and stylish waves and partings to highlight your facial features.