The 18 Stylish Hair Color Ideas of 2022

Winter is the time to change your hairstyle. This season we are wrapping ourselves up tightly, and keeping suitable in the cold weather with several fashionable clothes. As the change of the season, you have a perfect chance to refresh your looks and styles.

Choosing bright colors is great in today’s style field, but it may be mistakes you like many Instagram timelines of most celebrities. Color is a promise and it can change with seasons, it is the simple way to give your appearance a new look with low risk. So If you hate the way it looks from the start, just stick with it for a month and then dye it back.

Here we collect some favorite hair color ideas of 2022 and create gorgeous stylistic changes for this winter!

1. Japanese Blue Hair

Japanese Blue Hair

Cool colors MIX
A little black on the surface so as not to be too flashy.

2. Short Hair Split Color

Short Hair Split Color

Throwback to this gorgeous gal…..Pink and blonde.

3. Blonde Wavy Medium Hairstyle

Blonde Wavy Medium Hairstyle

You can wear a new balayage style for the new year, the mix of gold and gray is perfect for the colder season.

4. Brunette Blue Balayage

Brunette Blue Balayage

So, If you want a conservative style with a bit of flair, this short haircut is perfect for you with blue and purple highlights, it is so fun and cute.

5. Short Pastel Hair

Short Pastel Hair

After asking you guys what color I should do my hair purple won out by a lot over any other color! So what do you think?

6. Vanilla Cream Bob

Vanilla Ceam Bob

Wow, what a perfect bob short hair, it also maintains some radians so that it doesn’t look too monotonous.

7. Short Red Bob

Short Red Bob

“I have never liked my natural hair color. It never felt like me. It was too boring and normal. In high school, I asked my mom what color I shouldn’t dye my hair. She told me to choose red because it was different and fiery. Ever since, I had been dying my hair red for over half of my life.”

8. Orange Short Hair

Orange Short Hair

It’s as bright as the sun in winter, and it’s even more charming to add some pink color.

9. Pastel Bright Hair

Pastel Bright Hair

I am OBSESSED with this, What a unique color with adding some pastel green is evident in blonde hair.

10. Blonde Hair with Babylights and Balayage

Blonde Hair with Babylights and Balayage

Bridal hair with babylights.

11. Rainbow Hair with Balayage Curtain Bangs

Rainbow Hair with Balayage Curtain Bangs

💚PRAVANA VIVIDS Neon Yellow and Neon Green
🤎 PRAVANA EXPRESS TONES Dark Mahogany and Dark Neutral Pearl

12. Medium Hair with Highlight West Coast Style

Medium Hair with Hightlight West Coast Style

13. Blue and Pulpriot Color

Blue and Pulpriot Color

What a cute color, this style shows that you are a competent working woman.

14. Short Green Hair

Short Green Hair

Green hair, don’t care! With wavy style.

15. Blue Long Hairstyle

Blue Long Hairstyle

The most beautiful color I’ve seen so far! Love the blue!

16. Medium Pink Hair

Medium Pink Hair

Pink for breast cancer awareness.

17. Medium Hair Balayage Highlights

Medium Hair Balayage Highlights

If you’re looking for a natural gradient hairstyle, then this hairstyle is for you, with an emphasis on slight waves and face shape.

18. Short Cute Red Bob

Short Cute Red Bob

There are a lot of orders for warm colors at this time of year!
How about the design color? The number of bleaching will be 1 to 2 times, but the color fading is beautiful and cute!