Stunning Shoulder Length Bob Haircuts (Medium Length Bobs)

Bob hair comes in different lengths: short, medium and long. Finding the length that suits your face can be difficult. Go for a shoulder-length bob after the consultation. Now that you’re done, you don’t know what to do.

Medium length bob hairstyles, also known as mobs, is the perfect choice for women who want to maintain a bit of length while wearing a full, stretchy bob cut that is full of life. Medium bob hair is an icon and trend this year. This eye-catching fit offers an overall attractive shape with legendary wash and wear quality.

Choosing a medium haircut is not just going for a versatile haircut, the haircut will make you forget about all those frequent visits to your salon. Here are the latest and most popular hairstyles for medium bobs to choose from.

1. Balayage Bob

Balayage Bob
Source: @franzsebastiansalon

2. Blonde Bob

Blonde Bob
Source: @reneenapoletanohair

3. Blunt Cut Bob

Blunt Cut Bob
Source: @shorthairstyles_com

4. Bob for Fall Winter

Bob for Fall Winter
Source: @goldwavessalon

5. Brown Shoulder Bob

Brown Shoulder Bob
Source: @aura_hairartistry

6. Brown Textured Hair

Brown Textured Hair
Source: @aura_hairartistry

7. Chopped Shoulder Bob

Chopped Shoulder Bob
Source: @_hairxdestiny_

8. Long Bob

Long Bob
Source: @andreporfiriohair

9. Long to Short Hair

Long to Short Hair ⁣⁣
Source: @kristypiercefitlife

10. Rose Shoulder Bob

Rose Shoulder Bob
Source: @aura_hairartistry

11. Sexy Shaggy Shoulder Bob

Sexy Shaggy Shoulder Bob
Source: @diegomarcsant

12. Shoulder Bob 2

Shoulder Bob 2
Source: @aura_hairartistry

13. Shoulder Bob 2020

shoulder bob 2020
Source: @aura_hairartistry

14. Shoulder Bob

Shoulder Bob
Source: @damnitglinda

15. Shoulder Wavy Bob

Shoulder Wavy Bob
Source: @chloe_at_obsessions

16. Textured Bob

Textured Bob 1
Source: @aura_hairartistry

17. Baby Blond

Baby Blond
Source: @gleber_brandao

18. Beige Blonde

Beige Blonde
Source: @ramomadans

19. Black Shoulder Bob

Black Shoulder Bob
Source: @dianecduarte

20. Blonde Shoulder Bob

Blonde Shoulder Bob
Source: @juliiana__dias

21. Blunt Shoulder Bob

Blunt Shoulder Bob
Source: @simonetemponi

22. Bone Textured Bob

Bone Textured Bob
Source: @hair_jordan.versai

23. Curls Shoulder Bob

Curls Shoulder Bob
Source: @salaonanabelezaebemestar

24. Curly Blonde

Curly Blonde
Source: @afelipesoares

25. Curtain Bangs

Curtain Bangs
Source: @sthefanyduarte__

26. Long Bob

Long Bob 1
Source: @saviofigueiredohairs

27. Shoulder Bob 2020

Shoulder Bob 2020 1
Source: @dianecduarte

28. Textured Shoulder Bob

Textured Shoulder Bob
Source: @hair_jordan.versai

29. Transformation Bob

Transformation Bob
Source: @chelsihairmakeup

30. Whois Bob

Whois Bob
Source: @punky_suave