24 Incredible Short Wavy Haircuts for Women in 2023

You may think that only long hairstyles come in a variety of styles and designs, but every hair type has certain benefits and challenges, short hairstyles are equally flexible and gorgeous, besides pixies and bob, a short wavy hairstyle is also a good choice.

Stylish, elegant and versatile, short wavy hair looks sexy and unique. From short wavy bob to layered shoulder-length waves, all women can get a cute wavy haircut. You can rock these wavy hairstyles with the help of hair styling tools without taking up a lot of time on a busy morning.

Today we compile the best short wavy hairstyles for you, check out these stylish short wavy haircuts and find inspiration for your next look that will challenge your future.

1. Classic Waves Short Hair

1695112050 Classic Waves Short Hair
She has very fine, thin hair and always had it long. It really never did anything for her. A while ago she decided to cut it short! Ever since then she can’t go back. It made a huge difference! If your hair looks like strings with no shape, you might wanna try it short.

2. Wavy Bob Curly Hair

1695112070 Wavy Bob Curly Hair
Her curls are glowing, you can confidently show your forehead and bring out the charm of short hair this year.

3. Gray Pixie Cut for Older Women

1695112090 Gray Pixie Cut for Older Women
That silver hair looks so cute, pairing feathered layers with waves looks like a great way to change the style from modern to playful, and short hair is a shortcut to success.

4. Short Bob Curly Hair

1695112110 Short Bob Curly Hair
How gorgeous and soft curls! You can be You can wear flattering shapes when you have naked hair.

5. Short Wavy Pink Hair

1695112206 Short Wavy Pink Hair
Pink is a color that never goes out of style, and when you pair it with waves, everything looks great, silky and soft!

6. Short Wavy Blonde Hair

1695112232 Short Wavy Blonde Hair
Add some fun touch to your curtain bangs short hair.

7. Short Bob Purple Hair

1695112256 Short Bob Purple Hair
Simply beyond obsessed with this color!!😍🤩 If you know me, you know how much I love this color❤

8. Short Wavy Haircut with Pink Money Piece

1695112303 Short Wavy Haircut with Pink Money Piece
PINK money piece 💗💗
Loving this look & all that shine ✨

9. Fall Rose Gold Balayage

1695112326 Fall Rose Gold Balayage
Fall rose gold balayage and short fall cut. Time for a change, add some color with Balayage or a new haircut. It will warm your complexion like a cinnamon latte warms you up.

10. Beach Waves Fall Color

1695112348 Beach Waves Fall Color
Fall is for high-contrast reds! Strawberry blonde is a unique color that maximizes your femininity.

11. Pretty Punk Short Wavy Hairstyle

1695112376 Pretty Punk Short Wavy Hairstyle
What a pretty short haircut with red & pink colors, adding bangs to your mix is an easy way to enhance your look, and you can easily stay bold and edgy.

12. Bright Lavender Bob Haircut

1695112398 Bright Lavender Bob Haircut
You can wear a cute bob style when have a lavender dream!

13. Short Wavy Blue Hair

1695112421 Short Wavy Blue Hair
Wavy bob hair with blue and several pick colors, they combine very well that you can walk down the street with confidence.

14. Blonde Funky Hair with Pink Money Piece

1695112442 Blonde Funky Hair with Pink Money Piece
Wavy inverted Bob is a popular and stylish hairstyle that suits most women, it is easy to maintain and simple, and the lovely color enhances an easy on the eyes look.

15. Baby Shag with Textured Bangs

1695112463 Baby Shag with Textured Bangs
Super clean baby shag for wavy hair, try this hairstyle to visually widen to the sides of your cheeks when you have a long face shape.

16. Blonde Hair Curly Shag

1695112485 Blonde Hair Curly Shag
She is so beautiful with blonde curls, the shoulder length promotes a natural wave that holds its shape well.

17. Brown Wavy Hair with Dark Shadows

1695112518 Blonde Wavy Hair with Some Pink
In terms of styling, artificial volume can be achieved with the wave factor to make hair look thicker.

18. Center Parting Grey Wavy Hair

1695112540 Center Parting Grey Wavy Hair
The lustrous gray hair looks stylish and will not go out of style, and the waves and black shadows work together to create a dimensional style.

19. Cherry Red Babylights

1695112561 Cherry Red Babylights
Red color is suitable for women of all ages, it is a beautiful accent, when you are tired of a single color, adding some delicate red babylights can be simple and sophisticated.

20. Blonde Balayage Wavy Style

1695112583 Blonde Balayage Wavy Style
Warm-toned blonde can be achieved by blending a dark brown base color with light golden highlights, much like this subtle bronze-toned hairstyle.

21. Natural Blonde Balayage

1695112614 Natural Blonde Balayage
Keep your natural hair color and use it to your advantage, your thickness provides you with a rich edge, and you'll look beautiful no matter which direction you go.

22. Blonde Wavy Hair with Some Pink

1695112648 Beach Waves Fall Color
In love with pink hair, adding a small amount of pink doesn't overwhelm, it gives you a subtle and not so extreme transition.

23. Green Mullet Style for Fine Hair

1695112705 Green Mullet Style for Fine Hair
Such a cute look! Newly washed and styled, their baby-soft, salt-free texture in their fine hair.

24. 70's Shag Style Low Maintenance Hair

1695112740 70's Shag Style Low Maintenance Hair
Wispy razor cut layers that style themselves make it hard to not want MORE. We took this shag from the last session to a more mullet-y shape and I’m obsessed.



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