40 Short Blunt Bob Haircuts That You Must Try in 2023

There are many amazing hairstyles for short hair, Bob is one of the important ones, and blunt bob is a delicate and elegant hairstyle that will make you look healthier and cute. At this turn of the season, many women want to change their hairstyle and short blunt bob is one of the hottest hairstyles this year as an important option.

Blunt bob haircuts are mostly suitable for straight hair, but also adaptable to curly hair, the blunt bob features accentuated soft textures and blurred lines, and the smooth and light waves look very chic! Also this hairstyle stands for low maintenance and you don't have to spend too much time on busy mornings.

We pick the 40 most popular short blunt bob haircuts in 2023 from Instagram, keep reading to learn more about the superiority of this hairstyle and get more inspiration from our pictures!

1. Baby Blonde Bob

1695203452 Baby Blonde Bob

Adding lots more depth to the hair with back-to-back balayage slices for a heavy blonde look with natural roots. Using flashlight low and slow with added olaplex throughout, glossed using seq gloss in shade cafe au lait and iridescence on zones 1 into shade baby.

2. Blunt Bob With Some Fun Fringe

1695203482 Blunt Bob With Some Fun Fringe

We love a blunt bob moment with some fun fringe! You can add interesting bangs to your Bob that are easy to maintain and don't require frequent touch-ups. Keep your hair vertically short and brightly colored and you will be vibrant in 2023!

3. Aline Bob Red Tones

1695203502 Aline Bob Red Tones

This hairstyle is like a blunt bob but also like an aline style, straight hair will enhance the angle of the cut, which is a perfect choice if you want an elegant and professional hairstyle.

4. Dark Shadows On Blonde Bob

1695203524 Dark Shadows On Blonde Bob

What a Gorgeous cute blonde bob style, simple and generous waves will bring out the best of your feminine temperament, and this cut is perfect for all hair textures with natural ladylike makeup.

5. Blonde Side Part Lob

1695203547 Blonde Side Part Lob

Side part bob is very attractive because it creates a feminine look, creates volume and fits most face shapes, and the hair slims the face shape to create a great effect.

6. Baby Blunt Bob Haircut

1695203566 Baby Blunt Bob Haircut

So lovely bob! This very short bob is attractive and accentuates your neckline when you choose to cut it to chin length, people's eyes will naturally focus on your lips and chin, it's a carefree look that you just need to trim it regularly.

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7. Red Textured Blunt Bob

1695203590 Red Textured Blunt Bob

This cut & style is so fun. Choosing a textured style will produce a softer and fluffier look that can benefit thin hair, creating the illusion of more thickness and fullness.

8. Icy Blunt Bob Haircut

1695203943 Icy Blunt Bob Haircut

Icy has always been a cool color and it goes perfectly with any hairstyle, and the blunt bob is no exception, it hides a young and energetic heart underneath the neat look.

9. Textured Bright Blonde Bob

1695203634 Textured Bright Blonde Bob

The bob with texture has many layers of cut, it helps to create volume, and the bright blonde color of the fashionable premium sense deepens this impression, this hairstyle is suitable for round faces or wide faces.

10. Blunt Lob with Beach Wave

1695203661 Blunt Lob with Beach Wave

Blending natural highlights for this momma who was able to escape for some pampering!

11. Milky Blonde Bob with Soft Green

1695203686 Milky Blonde Bob with Soft Green

An ordinary shiny wavy bob with some green immediately stands out, it's very cute and elegant!

12. Pink Blunt Bob Cut

1695203708 Pink Blunt Bob Cut

Blunt cut & style on this gorgeous color, what better way to express yourself than by dyeing it a bright color? Pink is one way to make your appearance interesting and it accentuates your blunt bob. But you could use a little more time to keep the pink stay on your bob.

13. Short Blunt Bob with Pink Highlights

1695203733 Short Blunt Bob with Pink Highlights

What a cute hair! Sometimes you just need to add a little pop of pink.

14. Classic Blunt Bob Cut

1695203753 Classic Blunt Bob Cut

A classic center parted bob blunt cut when you don't know what kind of bob to choose, the classic style is a timeless choice that works best for straight hair can make the cut more visible while adding coolness to your look.

15. Blunt Bob with Blunt Bangs

1695203778 Blunt Bob with Blunt Bangs

What happens when blunt bob meets blunt bangs? The precise cut will be visually striking, from your face to your chin, you can use this hairstyle to stay cute yet cool!

16. Grey Blunt Bob with Pink Sideburns

1695203805 Grey Blunt Bob with Pink Sideburns

When you're tired of a single color, why not add some pink bubbles to your blunt bob? It can bring a bright difference to the lovely gray bob haircut.

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17. Blunt Bob on Straight Hair

1695203829 Blunt Bob on Straight Hair

Straight and sleek bob style with amazing transformation!

18. Soft Blend Balayage with Natural Root

1695203849 Soft Blend Balayage with Natural Root

Clean Soft Blend balayage with a natural root was the brief- in love with the result!

19. Blue and Orange Blunt Bob

1695203881 Blue and Orange Blunt Bob

How to make great and complementary hair colors? Blue and orange are a fantastic match, it looks like autumn maple leaves set in your hair.

20. Icy Blonde Blunt Bob

1695203615 Icy Blonde Blunt Bob

This girl is going to do some big things and this look embodies that empowerment. Blunt bob + playful texture, Icy blonde with BOLD style.

21. Chin Length Bob

1695203989 Chin Length Bob

What a cute chin bob haircut, this is a dynamic hairstyle full of modernity, if you have a round face that is the best short bob hair for straight hair to help to create a perfect finish.

22. Simple Side Part Bob Hairstyle

1695204014 Simple Side Part Bob Hairstyle

Beautiful bob haircut for an oval face and get a pretty look, blunt bobs tend to be low-maintenance and have an effortlessly chic look that makes your have more striking.

23. Big Chop with Long Curtain Bangs

1695204034 Big Chop with Long Curtain Bangs

You can try loose curls to style big chop or add a modern and stylish touch with special long bangs.

24. Two Tones Long Bob with Micro Bangs

1695204056 Two Tones Long Bob with Micro Bangs

An overall warmer vibe with an ultra flattering copper and neutral blonde!

25. Blunt Bangs on Micro Blunt Bob

1695204083 Blunt Bangs on Micro Blunt Bob

Sometimes you'll be fascinated by the tiny bob haircut and bangs, which look effortlessly cute and perfect for all occasions as an easy cut, and the length you choose to accentuate your chin and neck features.

26. Warm Brunette Blunt Bob

1695204103 Warm Brunette Blunt Bob

That precision is so perfect so that you can outline the perfect whorl and features for a chic hairstyle, it looks best on smooth straight hair.

27. Baby Blue Blunt Bob

1695204121 Baby Blue Blunt Bob

This is fucking sick dude, so gorgeous! Simple hairstyles can also look better, including bob hairstyles.

28. Rose Pink Wavy Bob Haircut

1695204142 Rose Pink Wavy Bob Haircut

Pink to make the boys wink. Keeping your hair curly will make your bob look better and add a more casual aesthetic to your hair with balayage.

29. Blond and Pink Blunt Bob

1695204160 Blond and Pink Blunt Bob

Who doesn’t love a fun pop of color!?! Just another high-impact maintenance hairstyle for this fabulous girl!!

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30. Textured Bob Chocolate and Blonde Tones

1695204186 Textured Bob Chocolate and Blonde Tones

This hairstyle is characterized by a longer front that gradually becomes shorter at the back, and the two shades form an interesting contrast from the side, it can be created on different hair types, making you interesting and forming a strong visual impact.

31. Mid-Length Textured Blunt Bob

1695204209 Mid Length Textured Blunt Bob

What makes this bob special is the texture in the middle, which draws your attention and gives a stunning effect, it gives you a more dimensional look.

32. Blunt Cut Bob Center Parting

1695204232 Blunt Cut Bob Center Parting

Blonde hair and primary roots make your oval face look attractive, looks freaking amazing! So beautiful!!

33. Wavy Bob with Fun Color Combinations

1695204262 Wavy Bob with Fun Color Combinations

Are you looking to experiment with some fun color combinations ….. this definitely can give you your fix!! It is important to note that the process of hair coloring can damage the hair, they fade quickly and you need regular touch-ups and maintenance.

34. Pretty Blonde Bob

1695204286 Pretty Blonde Bob

How pretty this blonde bot hairstyle is! Let your hair curl to make it look fuller and thicker.

35. Copper Sharp Bob

1695204313 Copper Sharp Bob

If you want to keep your natural brown color while wearing a great bob haircut, make straight hair look sleeker and more precise, straight hair gives an edgy look.

36. French Bob with A Little Extra Pizazz

1695204341 French Bob with A Little Extra Pizazz

A cute French bob with two tones that can bring you a lovely look, this is the perfect choice if you want to be both elegant and beautiful, enhancing your look to create sophisticated makeup.

37. Purple Roots and Pink Highlights

1695204367 Purple Roots and Pink Highlights

Add pink bangs to accent your perfectly wavy blonde bob, and bangs are a great way to change the shape of your face.

38. Blunt Bob with Purple Balayage

1695204390 Blunt Bob with Purple Balayage

Now that we are in the coldest part of winter we all need a pick me up. We LOVE A good color project. Whether it be a creative color like this purple dream.

39. Icy Blonde Balayage + Textured Blunt Bob

1695204413 Icy Blonde Balayage + Textured Blunt Bob

BOSS LADY VIBES Icy blonde balayage + textured blunt bob = perfection.

40. Ash Blonde French Bob

1695204445 Ash Blonde French Bob

What good short hair with French bob style, when you want to maintain a simple yet elegant look, choosing the French bob will keep you confident and it is suitable for women of any age.

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