Pretty Short and Curly Hairstyles for Women

Although wavy hair is certainly in vogue, curly hair should be back in fashion unless you buy clothes for a special occasion. That is why a whole repertoire of fantastic curly hairstyles is overlooked. Everyone is too busy to stand up and say hello to get the most out of the loops! Curly short hair is often considered a curse, but good products for cutting and styling can be a blessing. After all, many people spend a small fortune with the perm to reproduce the natural curls you have for free!

Cute Hairstyles for Short Curly Hair


The benefits of short curls are numerous, they are very easy to care for and give everyone a feminine aspect. If you are tired of your soft hair and want to give your hair an interesting touch, we offer you our new short and curly hairstyle 2019, because it will inspire you. The first short hair we offer is Curly Bob. As you know, Bob Hairstyle has a series of variations that you can adjust in different ways. You can also choose layers if you want to add a lot of volume. Curly Short Pixie Cut is also very fashionable. All fashionable women have tried this style in 2018 and will wear this hairstyle again in 2019.

The short curly hair is a little liberating, right? They have more time, use fewer products, are cooler in the summer and can easily put on a scarf in the winter. Summer is the perfect time to shorten curly hair, because it weighs a lot and makes it easier to enjoy the sun without worrying about protecting your hair. However, many women with curly hair are afraid of cutting their curls and are afraid that their shorter hair will be difficult to comb. There are many great hairstyles to choose from however that won’t leave you wondering about whether you should cut your hair. Get inspired by all the looks that we have available for you.

Curly Layered Haircuts And Face Shapes

You can comb your hair in layers in different ways, depending on the shape of your face. To make your life easier, I have done research and found the great layered haircut that you can train according to the shape of face.

Sweet Bohemian Curls


If you have a round face, a long bob with thin layers that end directly in your jaw will look slightly longer.

A short cropped bob with layers that end right next to the chin is perfect for oval / elongated face shapes because it gives a smooth, otherwise sharp face structure.

If you have a square face shape, you can choose layered bob with a subtle edge or long subtle layers at the ends.

Now that you know how to cut your own hair in curly layers and which style best suits your face.