Pretty Blunt Bob Haircuts for Women to Consider This Year

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A blunt bob cut is a shorter style that is cut in a straight line at the ends. Hairstyles with rounded ends became popular long ago when Vidal Sassoon introduced the trend. After creation, the style has been maintained over the years and is now common since 2019. It also adapts to all types of faces and hair textures. Not only that, it also has many variations such as asymmetrical, angular and more.

Blunt bob haircuts are the most popular hair trend we have yet to see. Yes, bobsleighs have returned in recent years (let’s add last year’s compliments), but this new look at the hair trend is much clearer. With tips so sharp that you can cut, this aspect gives the hair a clean and refined look.

Blunt bob is super elegant and polished and is the perfect choice for women with thick hair. Do you want the blunt bob to be your next hair choice? View these boring and absolutely cute ideas for short hair!

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