Line Braid Hairstyle Tutorial

Hi There, today I’m going to show you that how to do a line braid.

First you want to put the hair in a low ponytail and make the front sections wet by using a spray bottle. Now you want to take a section next to the ear and divide it in three cross them once as if you were doing a three strand regular braid and now you want to take the bottom section cross it over the middle one under the top one and set it aside.

Next step you want to bring in a new section of hair which you’re going to smooth out with your comb, bring the top section and now that’s in the middle you want to take the bottom section bring it over that one and under the top section. Set it aside and incorporate the section you left out before bring it together with the top section, making one and now it’s time to add in a new section of hair which you’are going to smooth out. Bring it over the top section and once it’s in the middle you’re going to take the bottom one to bring it over the middle section. Under the top section and you’re going to set it aside over the previous one which you’re going to incorporate to the top section.

Hair line braid


Switch sections and you want to repeat the same steps over and over again until you reach the other side of your head. As you can appreciate the shape of the braid is starting to show off perfectly and in my opinion this braid is so beautiful, but many people believe it’s harder that it actually is and all it takes is being a little organized and clean about it the only thing you need to remember is that every time you bring in a new section you just need to smooth it out and all done.