Best Curly Pixie Cut Ideas Taking Over 2023

Pixie hairstyles are as bold, brave and pretty as ever, it is the best way to show off your perfect form and you can spend very little time creating a relaxed style, who would consider more in the changing 2023?

Curly pixie cut is one of the cutest hairstyles when you have curly hair, and while many people wonder if this hairstyle is suitable for women, we assure you that it can always be popular. Curly pixie cut is always beautiful, it creates charming ideas by cutting the curls in time, it is guaranteed to bring great looks and you can choose different colors and lengths to match your skin tone and face shape.

You may be worried about cutting your long hair, so we have collected some perfect curly pixie cuts, come and show off your gorgeous face boldly.

1. Platinum Pixie Curls

1695286939 Platnium Pixie Curls

That is awesome! Gorgeous cut and color! It looks natural and you don't need to spend too much time on it.

2. Curly Pixie Shaved Sides

1695286972 Curly Pixie Shaved Sides

If you have naturally curly hair, you can make this sculptural pixie with a cool shaved side, it accentuates your chin diamond.

3. Razor Cutting Curly Pixie

1695286997 Razor Cutting Curly Pixie

Growing out a pixie can always be fun. Especially when your client has the most gorgeous curls. Carved out the bulky areas of her hair so her texture can be soft and manageable for the period of this new grow-out.

4. Smooth Side Parted Curly Pixie

1695287046 Smooth Side Parted Curly Pixie

It's a soft, curly pixie cut that brushes large bangs to the side with some retro chic.

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5. Blonde Curly Pixie Cut

1695287079 Blonde Curly Pixie Cut

When you have curly blonde hair, consider this slightly exploded head, which suits round or oval face shapes and doesn't take much time on busy mornings.

6. Big Chop Curly Pixie

1695287100 Big Chop Curly Pixie

For this look the stylist used the following:
1. Curl Quench + Coconut Oil Curl Milk
2. Flexible Hold + Coconut Milk Curl Foam Mousse
3. Curl Quench + Coconut Oil Ultra-Hold Gel

7. Curly Shag Mohawk

1695287122 Curly Shag Mohawk

If you are a young and open girl, this curly mohawk pixie will give you a distinctive look, it's excellent in any season.

8. Rainbow Pixie Style Faux Hawk

1695287145 Rainbow Pixie Style Faux Hawk

Wow, what a shocking artificial eagle pixie style! Pink as the main color with yellow and light blue inside, is so cute and pretty!

9. Wavy Pixie Curls

1695287163 Wavy Pixie Curls

It looks so fresh and its length on her is so healthy gorgeous sparkly, that is why she smiles gorgeous!

10. Natural Red Hair Curls

1695287187 Natural Red Hair Curls

If you have natural red curls, you can be a true beauty, inside and out!

11. Curly Pixie for Fine Hair

1695287214 Curly Pixie for Fine Hair

What a chin length curly pixie for fine hair over 60, when you don't know how to handle bangs, a simple middle parting can maintain a sense of style and is suitable for round or oval faces.

12. Blue Color Curly Pixie

1695287235 Blue Color Curly Pixie

Color on that Hair texture is doing justice! It is so cute and dreamy.

13. 2c Curly Pixie Cut

1695287254 2c Curly Pixie Cut

She used Jessicurl Gentle Lather Shampoo and Spiralicious Gel, Tresseme Pure Conditioner, UNDER LUNA Luna Love Conditioner as leave-in and Pantene Curls Mousse. She used a quarter sized amount of gel roped, combed, and scrunched into wet hair, then used a golf ball sized amount of mousse.

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14. Asymmetrical Curly Cut with Side Sweep

1695287275 Asymmetrical Curly Cut with Side Sweep

How beautiful is this curly cut, it looks gorgeous, it's shorter in the back and gives you a playful and sexy look, and you can also tuck the bangs behind your ears if you like.

15. Platinum Urban Bloom Curls

1695287297 Platinum Urban Bloom Curls

This is so cute, everything looks so natural, very flattering hairstyle, it suits all face shapes and has some wildness to do something on the weekend.

16. Cult King Style

1695287316 Cult King Style

This is awesome! That grey and purple color pop is hot!

17. Red Short Curly Pixie Cut

1695287345 Red Short Curly Pixie Cut

Really beautiful hairstyle, the top is soft hair and the sides are shaved style, then perfectly matched with large earrings.

18. Fine Curly Hair and Bangs

1695287372 Fine Curly Hair and Bangs

Such a cute hairstyle, these looks are stunning and SO colorful.

19. Pink Purple Pixie Cut

1695287393 Pink Purple Pixie Cut

Massive chop on Toni! Was just past the shoulder into a cute curly pixie! Sprinkled through a bit of color and she’s right as rain.

20. Red Wavy Pixie with Side Sweep

1695287420 Red Wavy Pixie with Side Sweep

Pumpkin pixie is super cute! Keep the curls soft and free-flowing if you're ready to create a super bold look.

21. Blonde Curly Pixie

1695287441 Blonde Curly Pixie

That's so good with a unique side shaved pattern, you can wear this cool pixie cut to rock this year.

22. Side Shaved Curly Cut

1695287477 Side Shaved Curly Cut

Giving the tiger back her stripes.

23. Glasses Style Taper Fade

1695287498 Glasses Style Taper Fade

The QUEEN with silver curly hair! The right length can better show your face shape, it is very suitable with a round or oval face.

24. Naturally Curly Pixie Hair for Girl

1695287524 Naturally Curly Pixie Hair for Girl

A simple short curly pixie with a thick wavy head looks very cute, suitable for girls in school, full of youth and energy.

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25. Naturally Grey Wavy Hair for Older Women

1695287554 Naturally Grey Wavy Hair for Older Women

This razor-carved pixie cut was done on my rooftop earlier today. She has naturally wavy hair that will curl the longer it gets. This kind of hair texture is like a dream for a pixie shape.

26. Blonde Hair Beach Waves

1695287580 Blonde Hair Beach Waves

It is so gorgeous with perfect waves, the black shade at the root of your hair will give it more dimension, and with the big wavy side sweep.

27. Pulp Riot Curly Pixie Cut

1695287602 Pulp Riot Curly Pixie Cut

What a fun way to liven up a curly pixie cut by adding in a little magenta and teal!

28. Modern Mullet Curly Faux Hawk

What a cool curly faux hawk style, some blonde highlights on the top of your head for a sexy look, and shaved cuts on the sides to give you lighter hair.

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