Cool Short Hairstyles for Women to Look Amazingly Awesome

Short hairstyles for women can offer many benefits. We are looking for hundreds of hairstyles to find the best shortcuts for fashionistas and busy women. These looks are suitable for women of all ages and are easy to comb and maintain with a regular budget and salon visits.

Many people automatically think that a woman with a square cut should be great, while a woman with a textured bob is smart. Also keep in mind that short hair tends to attract more attention than long hair. If you get a Platinum Pompadour, people will notice.

View the most popular short hairstyles for women and the latest ideas for short hair. Get inspired by pixies and short cultures, from stars like Lupita Nyong’o to Lena Dunham. Click on our gallery with 20 short hairstyles that have made a career and find the perfect fit for the shape of face.

Source: Instagram @glamour_valdivia
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