Cool Messy Pixie Haircut That You Must Try in 2020

A pixie cut is probably one of the most daring changes you can make to your hair. If you don’t like it, all you have to do is put on a hat and wait a few months for it to grow again. The messy gnome hairstyle is always the best way to give your hair a modern style and flattering volume. And a new short haircut can refresh your face considerably!

Short messy pixie hair looks great when the strands are straight. Short and messy elf hairstyles are easier to care for. For those who have already opted for a short haircut, the messy short haircut will definitely improve its appeal.

Pixies are better when they are broken. IT & LY hairdresser Frank Barbosa advises: “Spread some almond oil on your hair in the morning.” The messy fairy is now in fashion with women who like short hairstyles. at the top with a short stroke that falls on the face.

Source: Instagram @healthyhappywifelife
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