21 Perfect Bob Haircut for Curly Hair

Bob haircut is versatile and you can find a bob that suits curly hair. Curly hair looks great, and when combined, it's a perfect match!

The characteristics of a curly bob are that it's easy to manage and only needs trimming every few months. You can choose from many types of curly bobs, including a layered curly bob, bangs curly bob, angled curly bob, stacked curly bob, and asymmetrical curly bob.

A curly bob can solve all your curly hair-related problems and has been popular for many years. Here are 21 gorgeous curly bob options to help you find your answer!

Asymmetrical Curly Bob

1694776076 Asymmetrical Curly Bob
The exaggerated and voluminous curly bob can fully showcase your feminine charm, and the asymmetrical bob is an easily achievable hairstyle. In the new season, you will be even more eye-catching!

Silver Curls Bob Cut

1694776318 Silver Curls Bob Cut
Loving the silver curls! The combination of silver color and curls creates a perfect sense of fashion and a wonderful atmosphere, adding some layers to your look for added charm and a delightful lightness.

Curly Bob for Long Face

1694776566 Curly Bob for Long Face
If you have a long face, consider this slightly longer curly bob, which will give you a gradual gradient effect, and it's low-maintenance for everyday wear!

Center Parting Curly Bob Cut

1694776830 Center Parting Curly Bob Cut
Curly cuts are customized to the hair texture, pattern, and styling. The center-part style can highlight the face without being too excessive, and a hairstyle that extends to the chin adds dimension and extra depth.

Blonde French Bob

1694777151 Blonde French Bob
A curly asymmetrical bob is an easily achievable hairstyle, and you can also add layers and gradient colors to achieve asymmetry. Designing a special curly bob with loose curls on both sides can bring a trendy and fashionable look.

Soft Blonde Hair

1694777369 Soft Blonde Hair
This medium messy curly bob is an excellent choice for oval and long-faced women. It creates waves in soft short hair to achieve a charming and airy look.

Very Short Curly Bob

1694778655 Very Short Curly Bob
This dense short curly bob looks very elegant, and exposing just one ear gives it a playful appearance, showcasing the charm of your naturally curly bob to everyone!

Badass Curly Bob

1694778810 Badass Curly Bob
The asymmetrical bob hairstyle is a fantastic choice for short hair. It makes curls look more playful and romantic, allowing you to perfectly hide your age and appear younger. Put it on this season!

French Bob for Curly Hair

1694779071 French Bob for Curly Hair
A French bob is ALWAYS a winner!! A simple center-parted hairstyle is easy to maintain but has an amazing effect. You need a cute short hairdo like it at any time.

Textured Curly Bob Cut

1694779357 Textured Curly Bob Cut
There are many ways to add volume, such as increasing curls and texture. The more volume you add, the more it enhances the rounded appearance of the hairstyle.

Middle Part Curls

1694779602 Middle Part Curls
If you have a relatively symmetrical face shape, you can try this center-parted short bob hairstyle. It looks perfect on rounder face shapes and is very cute!

Curly Pixie Bob

1694779746 Curly Pixie Bob
Daringly try the pixie bob, it's only a few inches long with minimal fringes, making it a low-maintenance and minimalist hairstyle.

Green Curly Long Bob

1694779889 Green Curly Long Bob
The turquoise green short curly bob gives a refreshing and eye-catching look, steering clear from the mundane natural curly bob. You can start with hair dye to achieve this perfect color while ensuring it's safe for your hair.

70s Style Shaggy Bob

1694780079 70s Style Shaggy Bob
Today, the retro style is sweeping through young girls, and this trend is expected to last for a long time. The 70s style is an important branch of it, you can try wearing it to become more dazzling.

Highlighted Curly Bob

1694780213 Highlighted Curly Bob
Another trick to achieve an amazing sense of fashion is to embrace trendy colors. Try using bright tones and adding highlights. Sweeping all your hair to one side with a side-swept fringe can complement a youthful short stacked bob with curls or waves.

Blonde Bob with Bangs

1694780328 Blonde Bob with Bangs
This vintage bob takes you back to the 70s, characterized by golden and tousled curls. The key to this hairstyle is to avoid being too neat and orderly.

Short Curly Bob

1694780474 Short Curly Bob
This is a special curly bob because it's not so typical. Sexy spirals combined with a back undercut create a unique style for fashionable girls.

A-line Curly Bob

1694780670 A line Curly Bob
A-line Curly bobs are great for enhancing your face shape as they can balance and contrast in a perfect way, helping to complement your face beautifully.

Short Curly Bob with Baby Bangs

1694780830 Short Curly Bob with Baby Bangs
You need to regularly moisturize and care for this short curly bob to maintain its best appearance, but for young girls, this effort is definitely worthwhile.

Inverted Bob for Curly Hair

1694780966 Inverted Bob for Curly Hair
The inverted triangle bob hairstyle is well-suited for long face shapes. It breaks away from the traditional bob image and creates a cute, messy effect.

Rounded Bob With Bangs

1694781181 Rounded Bob With Bangs
Girls with round faces naturally have a cute charm. All you need is a round bob with bangs, which can offer you a versatile silhouette, making it the perfect example of a round bob.



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