30 Stunning Blunt Bob Haircut Ideas

Blunt bob started gaining popularity decades ago, and it's known for its sharp and attention-grabbing look. It suits various face shapes and hair textures, offering strong appeal and longevity. The blunt cut makes your hair appear thicker and healthier, and it's mostly suitable for straight hair.

The blunt bob has won the hearts of many women worldwide with its outstanding lines and texture. You don't have to worry about how it looks on any hair texture or length; you just need to consider what style suits you best. Please check out the 30 perfect hairstyles listed below.

Long Blunt Bob Cut

1694591505 Long Blunt Bob Cut
This is a slightly longer lob. When you add curtain bangs and style it with undone waves, you'll achieve the perfect look!

Short Classic Bob

1694591694 Short Classic Bob
Balayage adds texture to this short blunt bob, making it more dimensional. Ask your hairstylist to cut a blunt bob to maintain the maximum density of your new hair.

Silver Blonde Messy Bob⁣

1694591845 Silver Blonde Messy Bob
The stylist lightened out her regrowth and formulated a NEW silvery shade for her using the new hydragloss formula that should give her shine, beautiful pigment and hydrating condition.

Blonde Hair Blunt Bob

1694592039 Blonde Hair Blunt Bob
The blonde blunt bob hairstyle looks stylish and romantic, with a simple center-parted fringe that is neat and charming. This style gives the hair a thicker appearance.

Dimensional Blonde Short Wavy Bob

1694592270 Dimentional Blonde Short Wavy Bob
Adding waves to your short wavy bob and incorporating alluring black shadows will make it stand out and draw everyone's attention to you!

Super Short Icy Blonde Bob

1694592455 Super Short Icy Blonde Bob
Choosing this ultra-short bob is incredibly cute and elegant. It also makes the hair appear thicker, with just a hint of black roots peeking out at the back. For those seeking a classic yet super chic and easy-to-style hairstyle, this is undoubtedly the perfect match.

Blunt Bob with Natural Bangs

1694595069 Blunt Bob with Natural Bangs
What sets this blunt bob apart is the fact that it retains longer straight bangs, giving it an overall soft and elegant appearance. You can wear it for various occasions.

Razor Sharp Bob Cut

1694595237 Razor Sharp Bob Cut
Hairdressing is an art, and our stylists and technicians prove this every single day, when you reach 50, maintaining a natural gray short bob is a classic choice, with chin-length being the perfect spot.

Blunt Bob with Curtain Bangs

Blunt Bob with Curtain Bangs 368560487 1157376305429743 8444115548512296248 n
Fantastic hues and waves like this are perfect for a blunt-cut bob! This hairstyle suits any face shape, including heart-shaped, round, or oval, and it's also great for thinning hair as it creates a voluminous visual effect.

Rose Gold Blunt Bob

1694595758 Rose Gold Blunt Bob
When you have wider sides on your cheeks, managing short hair like this, with added shadow colors in the golden hue, can look fabulous.

Mushroom Brown Hair

1694595916 Mushroom Brown Hair
This blunt cut bob looks simple and stylish, especially with the playful cuteness brought by the waves at the bottom. If you don't have much time to style your hair every morning, then you should definitely consider this blunt hairstyle.

Creamy Blonde Blunt Bob

1694596348 Creamy Blonde Blunt Bob
This blunt cut bob is almost universally flattering, regardless of your face shape or hair texture. Adding texture elements to it that doesn't appear too plain, makes it suitable for wearing to work or for a casual outing with ease.

Red Hair Classic Bob Style

1694596533 Red Hair Classic Bob Style
Red hair adds captivating color to this bob hairstyle, and the thick short hair creates a solid effect. Adding angles to the hairstyle can make the face appear slimmer.

Long Bob on Bronze Hair

1694596684 Long Bob on Bronze Hair
If you like a bronze tone and short hair, you'll surely love this natural-textured, neck-length bob hairstyle.

Blunt Bob with Some Highlights

1694596942 Blunt Bob with Some Hightlights
Adding some blonde highlights can give you a fresh new look for your blunt bob, and the combination can look truly magical!

Creamy Blondes Blunt Bob

1694597157 Creamy Blondes Blunt Bob
Creating Blunt edges and blonde finishes! This captivating short bob features warm hues, making this length and color a unique masterpiece!

Some Baby Blue on Bangs

1694597319 Some Baby Blue on Bangs
Wow, this is a very intriguing Egyptian bob, and the baby blue accents on the bangs immediately make you stand out. Go to the salon and give it a try!

Purple Money Piece on Bob Cut

1694597548 Purple Money Piece on Bob Cut
Adding some purple edges prevents this blunt bob from looking dull, adding volume and stunning texture to create a carefree perfect style.

Fire Blunt Bob Cut

1694597653 Fire Blunt Bob Cut
Choosing bold colors tells people around you that you're vibrant, and it's particularly attention-grabbing during the autumn and winter seasons. Would you like to give it a try?

White Blonde Blunt Bob

1694597812 White Blonde Blunt Bob
Look at how neat this short hair is! If you have straight and thick hair, you might want to give this hairstyle a try, and it could potentially help conceal less favorable facial features.

French Blunt Bob

1694597996 French Blunt Bob
The French bob's hallmark is its shorter hair length when combined with a blunt cut that creates an adorable and low-maintenance hairstyle. Consider trying out this fantastic hairstyle next time!

Ash Blonde Blunt Bob

1694598143 Ash Blonde Blunt Bob
If you don't like spending hours every day styling your hair, you can try this long bob hairstyle. Its single and evenly distributed color keeps it elegant in a minimalistic style that is simply stunning.

Pastel Pink Bob

1694598526 Pastel Pink Bob
When you choose a pink bob, styled precisely with a side part, it looks elegant and having the bangs draped over one eye adds a touch of mystery.

Chic-length Blunt Bob

1694598721 Chic length Blunt Bob
This blunt bob hairstyle is particularly suitable for rounder face shapes. Additionally, it works well with lighter hair colors, and the short blunt bob can accentuate facial symmetry.

Classic Bob Haircut

1694598829 Classic Bob Haircut
If you're unsure about which bob hairstyle to choose, give this classic style a try. It's easy to maintain and versatile.

Black Blunt Ends with Blue Highlights

1694599055 Black Blunt Ends with Blue Highlights
If you're looking for a bob hairstyle that suits a round face, this short bob is a great option. It can make your face appear smaller, and with the unique blue highlights, you'll stand out beautifully.

Center Parted Blunt Bob

1694599220 Center Parted Blunt Bob
A center-parted blunt bob is very iconic, and it will make you the most fashionable girl. The sleek side-parted hair adds depth and clarity to the style.

Classy Bob with Pink Money Piece

1694599399 Classy Bob with Pink Money Piece
Choosing this cute pink-tipped hairstyle adds elegance to your style, presenting a precise and perfect look!

Blunt Bob with Bangs

1694599549 Blunt Bob with Bangs
Adding blunt bangs can make your blunt bob look perfect. Straight bob short hair suits all lovely girls, and you'll fall in love with those beautiful lines.

Lovely Micro Bob

1694599664 Lovely Micro Bob
This ultra-short bob hairstyle is very unique, forming a messy yet stylish look on both sides, and tucking your ears in makes it look incredibly cute.

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