Best Bob Haircuts & Hairstyles That Make You Say “Wow!”

Bob hairstyle is still a hot short haircut, and 2021 is no exception. It can provide all kinds of best styles, from sexy, elegant to fashionable, chic, and fluffy. You can appear in a loose layer, presenting a modern casual bob style that everyone will like.

If you have thinning hair, dye bob with the latest hair color to make your hair look thicker. At the same time, you can also use waves and sharp hair tips to comb, or use darker shadows to show the sense of hierarchy.

No matter which cutting method you choose, it will not be an omnipotent method. Bob has experienced a revival, and the possibilities are endless. This is also fun. Today, let’s take a look at the wonderful gallery, which has a variety of cute bob hairstyles for women. I hope you can choose the most suitable one!

1. Side Parted Bob Hairstyles

Side Parted Bob Hairstyles

Wavy curly hair adds to the femininity of women, with unique eye shadow and red lips.

2. Sunset Color Wavy Bob

Sunset Color Wavy Bob

The color of the setting sun is so wonderful, especially under the sunlight on the beach, you will be the focus.

3. Peach Short Hair

Peach Short Hair

The lovely peach color is suitable for cute girls, with big-frame glasses, you will stand out on campus.

4. Short Beach Waves

Short Beach Waves

Short bobbed beauty for 2021 new style, your short smooth hair and wavy shape is fashionable.

5. Tousled Hair Bob Cut

Tousled Hair Bob Cut

What a gorgeous bob style, blonde color can suitable for girls of any age.

6. Orange Bob Hairstyle

Orange Bob Hairstyle

Such a cool and cute orange bob haircut, with red lips and red clothes, the whole girl is like a hot fire.

7. Straight Hair Textured Bobs

Straight Hair Textured Bobs

Textured bobs = Summer 2021. What a simple bob style with middle parting bangs, then making it special is the black hair root shadow.

8. Faux Lob Hairstyles

Faux Lob Hairstyles

Such a beautiful short hair wavy blonde bob, with a big side parting style.

9. Cool Straight Wave Bob Hair

Cool Straight Wave Bob Hair

If you have black hair, you can try this short, straight bob hairstyle, simple and practical.

10. Short Blonde Bob Hairstyle

Short Blonde Bob Hairstyle

That is a great style for women over 40, you can add some root shadows on top like her.

11. French Bob with Bangs

French Bob with Bangs

Not gonna lie the hairstylist was a little nervous when she told the hairstylist how short she wanted it because she has SO much hair. Now she can wash and go with ease and embrace her natural texture.

12. Straight Hair Side Parting Bob

Straight Hair Side Parting Bob

Cut 6+ inches off into this adorable bob, straight hair will never go out of style, it can bring you a simple style with gray ombre.

13. Short Blonde Wavy Bob

Short Blonde Wavy Bob
Short Blonde Wavy Bob2

If you have an oval face, this middle parting wavy blonde bob is perfect for you.

14. Icy Blonde Bob

Icy Blonde Bob

What a cool icy bob hairstyle, with some dark roots.

15. Short Beach Waves

Short Beach Waves 1

What a beautiful transformation!

16. Short Blonde Bob

Short Blonde Bob

As an elegant woman, you can use a neat bob style to show femininity, and then match with unique earrings.

17. Grey Short Bob Hairstyle

Grey Short Bob Hairstyle

Love this silver hair color, especially for older women.

18. Short Bob Curly Hair

Short Bob Curly Hair

This is a cute curly bob, if you have curly locks, this is a good choice.

19. Short Bob Haircut with Dark Roots

Short Bob Haircut with Dark Roots

The back of the head and the sides are great. The face should be free. Something like that is absolutely not suitable for everyday use.

20. Blonde Bob for Black Women

Blonde Bob for Black Women

So obsessed with this look, this color is so elegant!

21. Short Blonde Bob for Older Women

Short Blonde Bob for Older Women

Very nice pic and she looks fantastic with this blonde bob hairstyle.

22. Ice Blonde Bob Hair

Ice Blonde Bob Hair

The Shorter The Hair…..The Harder They Stare…

23. Wavy Bob with Sunglasses

Wavy Bob with Sunglasses

Sunglasses are a good fashion element, especially when paired with a bob.

24. Short Bob with Bangs

Short Bob with Bangs

Such a cute short blonde bob style.

25. Purple Textured Bob

Purple Textured Bob

Beautiful hair transformation with a cool color.

26. Short Angled Bob Hairstyle

Short Angled Bob Hairstyle1
Short Angled Bob Hairstyle2

What a cute black angle style that can make you hold on every occasion.

27. Blue Bob Hairstyle

Blue Bob Hairstyle

What a lovely color, the gradient is from light blue to dark blue, it looks to have a more layered style.

28. Blonde Bob Hairstyles

Blonde Bob Hairstyles

When your eyes are a little haggard, you can use sunglasses to cover up.