16 Amazing Auburn Balayage Hair Ideas

Choosing an auburn hair color gives you an autumnal vibe, and this shade shines beautifully in the sunlight, allowing you to flaunt your locks. Auburn balayage is one of the most enduring red hair options, and when paired with balayage, it never goes out of style.

You'll certainly want to see the variations in tones at different times of the year, including the auburn balayage hair for the fall season. Whatever tone you prefer, an auburn balayage hair balayage style suits you. Your hair will appear healthier, fuller, and exude a unique personality.

For any woman with auburn, cinnamon, caramel, brown, or auburn hair, auburn balayage hair can enhance the allure of your hair color, maintaining a natural and warm look. Read on for inspiration to create a perfect auburn balayage hair plan!

Fall Hair + Balayage

1694856317 Fall Hair + Balayage
This clever use of auburn makes the balayage style stand out! It's a bold choice for girls with thick, curly hair, and the curls at the ends add a playful touch!

Reds and Coppers for Thick Long Hair

1694856533 Reds and Coppers for Thick Long Hair
The combination of red and copper hair on long locks is simply perfect, delivering a delightful and incredibly attractive appearance through graceful waves. It's definitely a great choice worth considering!

Auburn with Blonde Money Piece

1694856812 Auburn with Blonde Money Piece
The blonde edges around the face are very attractive and this auburn hairstyle carries an overall reddish-brown ambiance. The hair is slightly wavy, creating a relaxed and appealing style that you can easily manage.

Auburn Hair with Bronde Balayage

1694857054 Auburn Hair with Bronde Balayage
Adding a touch of copper balance to the reddish-brown when you have darker long hair can look fantastic. Opting for a soft and subtle chocolate hue is a great choice, and it will work its magic in the sunlight!

Auburn Hair with Red Balayage

1694857291 Auburn Hair with Red Balayage
This auburn hair with a touch of red balayage is perfect for changing up your style! With warm tones, you can complement and enhance your neutral skin tone. Adding messy curls will make your look even more stylish and attractive.

Short Hair and Auburn Balayage

1694857486 Short Hair and Auburn Balayage
Chopped off over a foot of hair and dyed it with this amazing auburn balayage! It's pretty and beautiful to rock this season.

Auburn Balayage and Waves

1694857909 Auburn Balayage and Waves
If you're torn between choosing either a brown or auburn hair color, you can opt for this perfect auburn. This sophisticated shade is so gorgeous once it enters your life that you won't want to change it!

Auburn Balayage for Thick Hair

1694858126 Auburn Balayage for Thick Hair
This slightly vibrant auburn ombre has an incredible level of allure. The fiery reddish-brown hair adds dimension, and if you want to achieve a color as beautiful as maple leaves, give it a try!

Auburn Bob Curls

1694858319 Auburn Bob Curls
Girls with round faces can also wear auburn curls, and this cute natural bob hairstyle makes you look stylish and chic.

Medium Auburn Highlighted Hair

1694858605 Medium Auburn Highlighted Hair
This unique medium-length hair with auburn highlights adds a touch of elegance to the straight ends, creating an overall sense of lightness.

Long Auburn Hair with Copper Balayage

1694858804 Long Auburn Hair with Copper Balayage
A long auburn hair with bronze highlights can give you great confidence. It complements a long face well and showcases your cute and playful side, making you stand out on a date.

Copper Balayage and Side Buns

1694858992 Copper Balayage and Side Buns
This season's hottest trend is copper, With a sparkling bun, you are the most beautiful girl. You may need to spend some time in the morning to create this hairstyle.

Textured Bob with Auburn Balayage

1694859159 Textured Bob with Auburn Balayage
When you have a short textured bob, combining it with a reddish-brown hue gives you an amazing result. This hairstyle can add vitality to your hair while maintaining its natural allure.

Elegant Auburn Curls on Medium Hair

1694859352 Elegant Auburn Curls on Medium Hair
Mixing red hair with reddish-brown can get rid of the warm-toned impression, and you'll find it has a cool-toned effect. Schedule an appointment at the salon and ask the stylist to help you achieve this!

Dark Copper Hair Color

1694859489 Dark Copper Hair Color
This deep copper hair color suits deeper skin tones, adding a fresh and vibrant trendy hue that will surely turn heads.

Straight Auburn Red Hair

1694859603 Straight Auburn Red Hair
The short hair A-line bob paired with balayage looks great too. This straight hair adds a variety of tones, making it a fun and bold choice. The fine lines bring some lightness and movement.

Dark Reds for Thin Hair

1694859852 Dark Reds for Thin Hair
If you have fine, straight hair, you can also opt for a deep reddish-brown hair color. The deep plum-red base creates an exquisite hair color, and you'll fall in love with this understated gorgeous shade.

Sexy Long Auburn Wavy Hair

1694860194 Sexy Long Auburn Wavy Hair
In the fall and winter seasons, deep red curls are absolutely eye-catching. You'll need a soft burgundy to balance the tones and roots so that it doesn't look too exaggerated, and the resulting gradient effect is very impactful.

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