Amazing Short Pixie Haircuts for Women in 2019

If you are carefree and classic, chances are that you will be considered a pixie hairstyle. Here is a summary of the ten most important ways to give a tip to this trend and to emphasize the bone structure that your mother has given you.

A pixie haircut is the embodiment of the classic Kurzaar frisher. This is an option for short hairstyles, because Jeanne d’Arc and celebrities such as Audrey Hepburn or Emma Watson have taken the elegant little hairstyle with an impressive style. We would all lie if we didn’t give in at some point (probably when we were fighting on a hot summer day with a hair dryer and a hair dryer), we were playing with the idea of ​​having an pixie cut.

The short pixie hairstyle is still in fashion and is the perfect way to distinguish yourself from others. Know that all of these pretty short hairstyles are not the same, so take the time to look for these images with the popular looks for those unique differences.

pixie haircut
Source: Instagram
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