60 Cool Short Haircuts for Men to Rock 2021

Short hairstyles have always been a tradition for men. Because men with cool short hairstyles are stylish, easy to handle and quick to style. But even with short hair on the sides and top, men can choose from many trendy and fashionable men’s hairstyles. That’s because short hair is easy to style. Just towel dry your hair, use a small amount of hair products, work in your desired hairstyle and you’re done.

Short hair is so easy that you can’t go wrong. Some hair gels, pomade and even matte hair waxes are suitable for the push top or to create a look that stands out on the side. You can also randomly sweep it with your hand to create a trendy “just woke up” look.

Despite the lack of hair length, short hairstyles can be interpreted in a variety of ways. Whether it’s a playful and sophisticated hairstyle or a bold neckline with side parting, the possibilities for short hairstyles are almost endless.

The most popular short hairstyles for men are the ones that are based on a classic cut and give it a modern edge. If you like short haircuts, you’ve come to the right place. Here are some pictures of the coolest new hairstyle of the year from the world’s best hairstylist. You will see cool short hair, bleached, bleached, cut, material, textured layers, unique designs, a la carte cuts and much more. Get inspired by these images of men with short hair and find your next look for 2021.

1. Blue Buzz Hairstyle

Blue Buzz Hairstyle
Credit: @buzz_hairstyle

2. Comb over Hairstyle

Comb over Hairstyle
Credit: @buzz_hairstyle

3. Curly Beard Beard Style

Curly Beard Beard Style
Credit: @buzz_hairstyle

4. Fade Haircut Beard Style

Fade Haircut Beard Style
Credit: @buzz_hairstyle

5. Men Short Hair

Men Short Hair
Credit: @lowdada

6. Mens Hair Style Buzz

Mens Hair Style Buzz
Credit: @buzz_hairstyle

7. Men’s Haircut 2021

Mens Haircut 2021
Credit: @sal_diazz

8. Men’s Short Hair

Mens Short Hair
Credit: @menshairs

9. Men’s Skin Fade

Mens Skin Fade
Credit: @ashley.perrin_

10. Messy Classy Hairstyle

Messy Classy Hairstyle
Credit: @buzz_hairstyle

11. Sharp Fade

Sharp Fade
Credit: @enzo_m3

12. Side Parting Fade Haircut

Side Parting Fade Haircut
Credit: @javad_asgariy

13. Side Parting Teen Haircut

Side Parting Teen Haircut
Credit: @buzz_hairstyle

14. Super Short Men’s Haircut

Super Short Mens Haircut
Credit: @crystalfadez

15. Textured Men’s Cut

Textured Mens Cut
Credit: @lambseativy

16. Top Wavers Men’s Cut

Top Wavers Mens Cut
Credit: @sly.huncho

17. Top Wavers

Top Wavers
Credit: @sly.huncho

18. Yellow Hair Sharp Fade

Yellow Hair Sharp Fade
Credit: @jordys.barbershop

19. Beard Men Style

Beard Men Style
Credit: @besthairstylesmen

20. Big Head Style

Big Head Style
Credit: @mattyhairlv

21. Black Classic Hair

Black Classic Hair
Credit: @_bibi1999

22. Fade Haircut

Fade Haircut
Credit: @eco.cuts

23. Green Men’s Style

Green Mens Style
Credit: @jewelssi

24. Grey Fade Haircut

Grey Fade Haircut
Credit: @guimaraes_clayton

25. Grey Men’s Undercut

Grey Mens Undercut
Credit: @menshairs

26. Hollywood Men Style

Hollywood Men Style
Credit: @mostafamordadart

27. Men’s Faded Haircut

Mens Faded Haircut
Credit: @bobbytco

28. Men’s Haircut

Mens Haircut
Credit: @salonderviss

29. Men’s Style 2021

Mens Style 2021
Credit: @kotsios_ysl

30. Orange Short Hair

Orange Short Hair
Credit: @frauschneidersonja

31. Perm Hair Men

Perm Hair Men
Credit: @hairart_ola

32. Sharp Fade Short Hair

Sharp Fade Short Hair
Credit: @modernfreshfades

33. Shin Fade Men’s Haircut

Shin Fade Mens Haircut
Credit: @moohammad_shahmoradi

34. Short Fade Haircut

Short Fade Haircut 2
Credit: @alx.barber

35. Short Fade Haircut

Short Fade Haircut
Credit: @ali.barberr_

36. Short Men’s Haircut

Short Mens Haircut
Credit: @christianbarbershopp

37. Silver Men’s Short Haircut

Silver Mens Short Haircut
Credit: @soheilhemati00

38. Skin Fade Hair

Skin Fade Hair
Credit: @glorious_hair_salon

39. Skin Fade Haircut

Skin Fade Haircut
Credit: @mycreativebarber

40. White Sharp Fade

White Sharp Fade
Credit: @officialbarberclub

41. Silver Sharp Fade

Silver Sharp Fade
Credit: @modernfreshfades

42. Bearded Men’s Haircut

Bearded Mens Haircut
Credit: @beard4all

43. Curtain Parting Bangs

Curtain Parting Bangs
Credit: @need_soup

44. Fade Cuts

Fade Cuts 2
Credit: @sergio_b_j_barber

45. Fade Men’s Hairstyles

Fade Mens Hairstyles
Credit: @tmcuts

46. Faded Men Haircut

Faded Men Haircut
Credit: @niki_fadez

47. Fresh Fade 2021

Fresh Fade 2021
Credit: @themensroommalta

48. Gay Short Hair

Gay Short Hair
Credit: @misterjames_2

49. Green Men’s Haircut

Green Mens Haircut
Credit: @alebarbervz

50. High Fade

High Fade
Credit: @blackbird_barbershop

51. High Razor Fade

High Razor Fade
Credit: @kasho_and_kangaroo

52. Men’s Haircut 2021

Mens Haircut 2021 1
Credit: @barbershop_mr.coolis

53. Sharp Edges

Sharp Edges
Credit: @cutsbylucifer

54. Sharp Fade Hair

Sharp Fade Hair
Credit: @garothebarber

55. Short Black Hair

Short Black Hair
Credit: @philly_barber

56. Short Curly Hair

Short Curly Hair 1
Credit: @harriskornaros

57. Side Parted Men Hairstyle

Side Parted Men Hairstyle
Credit: @kutavenue_marcyletoile

58. Textured Men’s Haircut

Taxured Mens Haircut
Credit: @hairbyjaysurti

59. Tight Fade

Tight Fade
Credit: @alejandrovega7010

60. Top Knot Manbun

Top Knot Manbun
Credit: @menhairstyleinspiration