50+ Trending Pixie Haircuts You Must Try 2020

Pixie haircuts have been around since the beginning of time, I call it: they will be legitimate everywhere this fall, especially as many celebrities have recently cut their hair.

If you are trapped in an elegant routine, a dramatic haircut can be exactly what you need to renew your look. Simply by cutting the long wires for a short harvest, it may seem like a completely new woman. The idea may sound scary, but with the rags and spools that are now popular, pixie cut is the next natural step.

From bold fades to pixie bobs, there are different types of this exciting haircut for everyone. Longer versions offer more styling options, while sleek hairstyles offer our favorite style for washing and walking, not to mention many intermediate hairstyles.

Trending Pixie Haircuts You Must Try 2020-01
Source: Instagram @adlydesign
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