50 Latest Bob Haircuts You’ll See Trending in 2020

Recently we have a hairstyle that we love to see every day: bob hairstyle. If you like young and dynamic hair models, you will love the bob cuts too!

Whilst many inverted bob haircuts look best on medium to thick hair, if you have fine hair you can add ‘body’ with a wavy perm. And as most of today’s trendy inverted bob haircuts feature blonde balayage, fine hair can also be ‘thickened’ by adding highlights.

Bob haircut styles are just perfect and classic. Bob cut isn’t going out of style! Hair stylists have experimented with the bob haircut and come up with hairstyle spin offs like bobs with bangs, asymmetric bob haircuts, reverse bobs etc. There are so many variations to the bob haircut not only because it is one of the most adorable, low maintenance and chic looks, but also because bob cuts naturally lend to versatility.

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Source: Instagram @gracy_303
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