49 Cool Short Pixie Haircuts Not to Miss Out This Year

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Pixie hairstyles are suitable for all hair types: from fine and fine to thick, wavy, curly or thick, a pixie can be adjusted to the texture and density of your hair. And of course, any hair color also works with a pixie cut – it can enhance the color and vice versa, making it really stand out. A striking elf can be complemented perfectly with a vibrant hue or toned down with a natural, calm look, depending on what you’re looking for.

If there is a word for short pixie cuts, it’s bold. As a woman, we often use our hair as a safety blanket. The longer it is, the better. But since we have so many fashion options (cuts, designs, shaved sides, pastels, etc.) why not opt ​​for a bolder haircut? It can always grow if you have cut enough slivers!

The ease of a short pixie cut is undeniable as it really takes the guesswork out of the classic question of how to comb your hair every morning. The look below ranges from curly and cute to chic and eye-catching with plenty of options for every woman’s style.

Cool Short Pixie Haircuts Not to Miss Out This Year 28
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