48 Top Sexy Updo Braided Hairstyles in 2020

We love how a braided updo can improve your beauty immediately. There is only something thin and elegant in the use of hair, and the addition of braids makes the mixture even more interesting and modern. Nor can it be denied that a complex and detailed braided bun attracts the eye more than its daily messy knot. If you are interested in a simple update of your updo, we will show you the following braided updos.

There are two loose braids in the front and the bun has golden cuffs. The fists are fantastic and give the braids a boost. It is a modern style that gives it an avant-garde but glamorous look.

Braided updos are very popular this season. Whether it’s a fishtail braid, a waterfall braid or just your daily three-wire braid, this little touch of style can be added to almost any style to give it an updated look. View these popular braided updos and discover how you can turn a classic style into an ultra-modern and elegant look!

Top Sexy Updo Braided Hairstyles in 2020-01
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Source: Instagram @beautybyarooj
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