45 Gorgeous & Youthful Short Hairstyles for Women over 50

Many women say that from the age of 50 they begin to really enjoy life. Instead of worrying about what others think of them, they begin to focus on their own happiness. This does not mean that they do not want to be fashionable and attractive, but that they know when to skip a downward trend and instead choose a look that suits them. Hairstyles are no exception. Style and couture come and go, but choosing a classic look that suits your face is timeless.

If you’re over 50, you can still change your hairstyle: we’re here to help. In general, the “safest” hairstyles for women over 50 are short and medium length. They can be combined with a face-framing layer and a soft face-framing layer.

For women over 50, there is no shortage of short hairstyles. Whether you’re making new changes to embrace your next decade or you’re just tired of long hair, one of these trendy cuts could be perfect for you.

For one thing, short hair makes you feel alive and young again. As you age, your hair naturally becomes thinner. This means it starts to lose its volume and vibrancy at the crown. Long hair is also harder to style. Whether you blow it dry with a blow dryer or roll it up in a radiator, long hair is more work.

1. Golden Blonde

Golden Blonde
Credit: @jorgieshairdos

2. Grey Hair Over 50

Grey Hair Over 50
Credit: @leeleeloves_

3. Grey Pixie

Grey Pixie
Credit: @cyndisbeautisuite

4. Lowlights and Highlights

Lowlights and Highlights
Credit: @stylealiveafter55

5. Ombre Hair

Ombre Hair
Credit: @not_a_silver_50s_model

6. Over 50 Bob Style

Over 50 bob Style
Credit: @prettyoverfifty

7. Over 50 Hair

Over 50 Hair 2
Credit: @desertdarby

8. Over 50 Hair 2021

Over 50 Hair 2021
Credit: @bea_germany

9. Over 50 Hair

Over 50 Hair
Credit: @susanseekingstyle

10. Over 50 Haircuts

Over 50 Haircuts
Credit: @lindampersonalstyle

11. Over 50 Pixie Hair

Over 50 Pixie Hair
Credit: @kathleenthewriter

12. Over 50 Style

Over 50 Style
Credit: @jkaewest

13. Short Bob Hair

Short Bob Hair
Credit: @prettyoverfifty

14. Short Bob Hairstyle

Short Bob Hairstyle
Credit: @maria.manetas

15. Short Fringe Bangs

Short Fringe Bangs
Credit: @susanseekingstyle

16. Short Grey Hair

Short Grey Hair
Credit: @not_a_silver_50s_model

17. Short Hair Over 50

Short Hair Over 50
Credit: @agegr8fully

18. Short Natural Hair

Short Natural Hair
Credit: @lucienesalomone

19. Silver Hair for Women Over 50

Silver Hair for Women Over50
Credit: @desertdarby

20. Short Silver Hair

Short Silver Hair
Credit: @my_beloved_silver

21. Blonde Bob Hair

Blonde Bob Hair
Credit: @mazlifestyle

22. Blonde Bob

Blonde Bob
Credit: @ramiparker

23. Blonde Shag Cut

Blonde Shag Cut
Credit: @suzygrifa

24. Choppy Bob

Choppy Bob
Credit: @somekindof50

25. Color and Style

Color and Style
Credit: @houseofcolourkansascity

26. Natural Grey Hair

Natural Grey Hair 2
Credit: @loretta_sayers

27. Natural Grey Hair

Natural Grey Hair
Credit: @loretta_sayers

28. Natural Silver Hair

Natural Silver Hair
Credit: @suzido_

29. Over 50 Beauty

Over 50 Beauty
Credit: @isabelle_peyrouse

30. Over 50 Hair

Over 50 Hair 2 1
Credit: @50isthenew50blog

31. Over 50 Hair

Over 50 Hair
Credit: @janetcaglecoaching

32. Over 50 Hair

Over 50 Hair 1
Credit: @gretchenhthomas

33. Over 50 Style

Over 50 Style 1
Credit: @empoweredbeautybylynn

34. Pixie Cut for Over 50 Women

Pixie Cut for Over 50 Women
Credit: @donnabrackenridge

35. Platinum Blonde Hair

Platinum Blonde Hair
Credit: @michellemariestrunsee

36. Short Blonde Hair

Short Blonde Hair
Credit: @gretchenhthomas

37. Short Blonde Shag

Short Blonde Shag
Credit: @michellemspieler

38. Short Grey Hair

Short Grey Hair 2
Credit: @isabelle_peyrouse

39. Short Grey Hair

Short Grey Hair 1
Credit: @escapehairstudiokingston

40. Short Pink Hair

Short Pink Hair
Credit: @heathercollettehair

41. Short Pixie Cut

Short Pixie Cut
Credit: @myover50skin

42. Silver Highlights

Silver Highlights
Credit: @lifebeginsafter50

43. Silver Pixie Cut

Silver Pixie Cut
Credit: @frazeylove

44. Straight Blonde Hair

Straight Blonde Hair
Credit: @faceupto50

45. Over 50 Hairstyle

Over 50 Hairstyle
Credit: @56kicks