43 Awesome Pixie Haircut Ideas to Consider This Year

A good haircut can be a gateway to another haircut: you start with a balloon or freshly cut bob, and you enjoy it so much that it itches more and more … and there is no better example of how an average cut can become Quickly cut a blunt square like a full pixie, then Kaia Gerber and her hair development for 2019.

A pixie hairstyle is the newest and classic short hairstyle. It has been an option for short hairstyles since Jeanne d’Arc and celebrities from Audrey Hepburn to Emma Watson have adopted the elegant little hairstyle with a beautiful style. We would all lie if we didn’t give up at some point (probably when we fought with a brush and a hair dryer on a burning summer day), we were playing with the idea of ​​cutting the gnome.

The idea may sound scary, but with the rags and spools that are now popular, pixie cutting is the next natural step. And with the amount of compliments you receive that way, ask yourself why you’ve never done it before.

Source: Instagram @salon_hairology
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