40+ Best Pixie Haircuts to Inspire Your Prom Look

If you’re carefree and classically great (the man we all want to be honest with), you’re probably considered a pixie haircut. (This is also one of the most requested styles, according to the new Pinstyle report from Pinterest). And we say, immerse yourself, because we can’t think of anything more elegant than a short and well-shaped hairstyle.

While this may be the case, the outdated belief that long hair is the last symbol of femininity can no longer be true. Short hair is an option for style and expression, just as much as a powerful lipstick or nail polish.

There is no point in denying this. The pixie hairstyle is bold, beautiful and never goes out of style. This is the aspect that was usually found everywhere. Many celebrities prefer an ice blonde shade that matches their finish. If you are at a cross of styles, only a dramatic hairstyle is needed to completely change your appearance.

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Source: Instagram @alchemistboudoirstudio
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