40 New and Pretty Hair Color Ideas & Trends for 2021

2021 will be a year of renewal, so why not debut with new hair color in January? After a while, let’s face it, the hair color becomes old and boring. The first time you might like your shade, but after months (or even years) of looking in the mirror, it’s natural to want something new. Fortunately, hair coloring today is more complex and innovative than ever before.

The new season is coming, new drink orders, choice of shoes, make-up and of course a choice of hair color. I feel like a color chameleon: autumn will be much less fun, there are no new shades to choose from. While we’re mourning the (natural or not) sun kisses we’ve worn in recent months, nothing sets us apart from the new celebrity-inspired slate.

The New Year is made of colors that bring joy, are easy to maintain at home, and colors that take us to simpler times – when the world is so elegant. If you’ve been paying attention to particular hair color for a while, go for it. Whether it’s red, pink, brown or black, you’ll find a way to make it stick. Hair color is easy to change if you don’t feel comfortable, but we have a list of shades you want to keep forever!

1. Ash Grey Short Bob

Ash Grey Short Bob
Credit: @christine_salon_jakarta

2. Black and Purple Hair Colors

Black and Purple Hair Colors
Credit: @pm__hair

3. Blonde Hair with Shadow Root

Blonde Hair with Shadow Root
Credit: @heavymetalhair_

4. Blue Wavy Hair

Blue Wavy Hair
Credit: @shiratoriaiko_0505

5. Long Pink Hair

Long Pink Hair
Credit: @sappmaster

6. Long Purple Hair

Long Purple Hair
Credit: @cassmedlen

7. Pink Hair Color

Pink Hair Color
Credit: @studio1salonjcmo

8. Rainbow Candy

Rainbow Candy
Credit: @christine_salon_jakarta

9. Short Orange Hair

Short Orange Hair
Credit: @olivia_lbc

10. Short Rainbow Hair

Short Rainbow Hair
Credit: @sharondanielsalon

11. Steal Blue Medium Hair

Steal Blue Medium Hair
Credit: @sappmaster

12. Streamer Hair Colored

Streamer Hair Colored
Credit: @glucossica

13. Turquoise Blue Hair

Turquoise Blue Hair
Credit: @hairby_angelina_ine

14. Black and Blonde

Black and Blonde
Credit: @houseofblonde

15. Blue Purple

Blue Purple
Credit: @wild_cut_girls

16. Funky Colors

Funky Colors
Credit: @catrinahairdresser

17. Green Colored Hair

Green Colored Hair
Credit: @dani_witchdance

18. Grey Hair Colored

Grey Hair Colored1
Credit: @vany26you
Grey Hair Colored2
Credit: @vany26you

19. Lavender with Ocean Blue

Lavender with Ocean Blue
Credit: @jjoyce422

20. Long Blue Hair

Long Blue Hair
Credit: @kaitlinpickford

21. Medium Hair Color

Medium Hair Color
Credit: @sappmaster

22. Medium Pink Waves

Medium Pink Waves
Credit: @pm__hair

23. Orange Hair Color

Orange Hair Color
Credit: @sappmaster

24. Punk 80s Style

Punk 80s Style
Credit: @edensalonpadova

25. Red and Blue

Red and Blue
Credit: @merakistudiosmobile

26. Short Green Blue Hair

Short Green Blue Hair
Credit: @_.t.a.i

27. Short Platinum Pink Hair

Short Platinum Pink Hair
Credit: @zlata.podracka

28. Short Purple Hair Color

Short Purple Hair Color
Credit: @sabrina.avilla

29. Balayage Highlights

Balayage Highlights
Credit: @osmantosunofficial

30. Blue Hair Colored

Blue Hair Colored
Credit: @blondiesalons

31. Blue Straight Hair

Blue Straight Hair
Credit: @day_nnunes

32. Long Purple Hair

Long Purple Hair 1
Credit: @hairbyakshali

33. Medium Pink Hair

Medium Pink Hair
Credit: @karenalcantarae

34. Medium Wavy Blue Color

Medium Wavy Blue Color
Credit: @the.tattooed.cosmetologist

35. Pink Hair

Pink Hair
Credit: @roumandarinacute

36. Pink Touch

Pink Touch
Credit: @zlata.podracka

37. Pretty in Pink

Pretty in Pink
Credit: @skylarmadden

38. Rose Medium Hair

Rose Medium Hair
Credit: @zlata.podracka

39. Short Purple Bob

Short Purple Bob
Credit: @nabiohazard

40. Yellow Straight Hair

Yellow Straight Hair
Credit: @cassmedlen