40 Best Pixie Hairstyle to Refresh Your Style

Think of a versatile pixie cut for every mood, occasion and image? Pixie hair styles always look elegant and there are dozens of fun pixie styles to choose from. If you are tired of having long hair and want to cut it for a great new hairstyle, a gnome is a great option because it is elegant and flexible.

Typical ladies elves have very long bangs, shorter sides and back and often ear cords. Girl fairies are usually a good idea, but they only fit into some face shapes. See our Face Style Guide for more information.

Pixie cuts have been angry for some time, especially for all celebrities. But we, not famous people, also love this dramatic cut. According to Chase Kusero, co-founder of the IGK hair care line, people with different face shapes can edit a pixie.

Source: Instagram @irinagamess
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