40 Awesome Short Bob Haircut For Women Style Ideas

When you are ready to cut your long locks, be inspired by these beautiful celebrity looks. Whether your hair is naturally long and elegant, short and curly or somewhere in between, bob can be very versatile and elegant.

Bob haircuts is known as a safe and a little boring option for a haircut. But with so many different interpretations of a bob haircut and ways to combine it with your personal needs and tastes, the bob cut is anything but boring.

Short bob hairstyles have always been popular, it’s no secret. The problem is that the variety of options we have for long hair such as the chin, the perfect length for short hair, is more than spectacular today. Short hairstyles are a timeless appearance that everyone can wear depending on the cut. With many modern and great outlets you can adapt your short hair to your personality.

Source: Instagram @shelby.loos
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