38 Cool Wedding Updo Hairstyles Perfect for You

When it comes to wedding hair, a bun is a classic haircut option. From elegant buns to wavy and messy boho braids: our gallery is full of bridal updos that will inspire your wedding hair. And don’t worry, we cover it for long and short.

There is the misconception that short-haired women cannot get a gift voucher on their wedding day, but that is a myth, brides, so don’t believe it. You don’t need locks like Rapunzel and you can also use a braid, a knot or a twist when you tie the knot.

An updo is an excellent choice for a bride or bridesmaid with long hair, or if you just don’t want to argue with your style. With these bridal updos, everyone looks perfect without the stress of the blades that disrupt their selfies.

Source: Instagram @alebeeaute
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