38 Amazing Bob Hairstyles You Will Love in 2020

Since then, bob haircut has remained a popular choice for women (including Debbie Harry, Diana Ross, Twiggy, Whitney Houston, Courtney Love and Victoria Beckham), although this is undeniable. that we have experienced a series of new inventions over the years.

We would like to prepare ourselves with a lot of inspiration for short hair, so that this trend reappears (even if it has never left our radar). But at least we have created a gallery with some of the best bobsleigh hairstyles that we like. If you start and want to cut your hair, you have a lot of inspiration to choose from in the hairdressing department.

Bob haircut became popular in the 1920s by silent film actress Louise Brooks, better known for her luxurious fashion style and distinctive style than for the films in which she played.

Source: Instagram @anskun_hiusstudio
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