36 Best Blonde Highlights for Women of 2019

Do you want to lighten your hair after the end of the summer? The sweep may have had a moment of glory, but the mega-impact of the lighter fiber is a trend that goes beyond time. Now there are so many variations from a cup of platinum leaf to half a cup of caramel nuances.

If you are considering dyeing your hair, the blonde produces a variety of images, from the blonde’s most subtle highlights to complete transformations through the fading process. Whether you want to change from platinum blonde to a dark and natural hair color, or just brighten up blonde curls, Matrix professionals can answer your questions and help you become a much more beautiful blonde.

Blonde balayage is a particular seasonal favorite (especially for people who live on the sun-washed West Coast). It offers a natural way to become blonde: softer and more subtle than other fashionable blondes such as gold blonde or platinum. If you prefer a natural-looking hair color and long summer days to brighten up your hair, check out these 20 examples of blond balayage before booking your appointment.

Chunky Cool Blonde Highlights
Source: Instagram @thehairstandard
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