35 Incredible Shag Haircuts for Older Women for 2021

Choosing a new hairstyle can be difficult. Searching through thousands of hairstyles is a difficult task that can lead nowhere. Older women’s hairstyles are cut to create intermittent layers of goals and toys that flatter the older woman. Shaggy is the best haircut and works at any length. So this is your chance to create a hairstyle with lots of texture and volume.

Shaggy hair is the new trend. These are all new looks that make women energetic and fashionable. While the world is drooling over fashion trends, these hairstyles are brilliant. They have that sleek and wild look that every woman of every age should have. Yes, even women in their 50s should try to get something this spectacular.

We have made a list of the 35 best shaggy hairstyles for older women. These are not from just any source but from celebrity hairstylists. An older woman will definitely make them look younger and beautiful. These hairstyles look great on them. They will not only make you look younger but also take you to the next level.

1. Blonde Hair

Blonde Hair
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Credit: @shelbylchance

2. Blonde Shag Haircut

Blonde Shag Haircut
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Credit: @elissawolfe

3. Curly Haircuts

Curly Haircuts
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Credit: @bjohnsonstudio

4. Curly Hairstyles Wavy Shag

Curly Hairstyles Wavy Shag
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Credit: @arrowhairandbeauty

5. Long Blonde Hairstyles

Long Blonde Hairstyles 1
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Credit: @guilletextureobsessed

6. Long Brown Shag Hair

Long Brown Shag Hair
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Credit: @danis_headquarters

7. Long Shag Haircuts

Long Shag Haircuts
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Credit: @bjohnsonstudio

8. Medium Shaggy Haircut

Medium Shaggy Haircut
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Credit: @ocean_mcdaeth

9. Modern Shag Bangs

Modern Shag Bangs
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Credit: @hairbypattydevlin

10. Short Shag Haircuts

Shhort Shag Haircuts
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Credit: @marissaloveshair

11. Short Black Shaggy Hair

Short Black Shaggy Hair
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Credit: @alessandro_di_maggio

12. Short Razor Haircuts

Short Razor Haircuts
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Credit: @laelsitag

13. Short Shag Haircuts

Short Shag Haircuts
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Credit: @hannahbmkup

14. Textured Razor Cut

Textured Razor Cut
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Credit: @ocean_mcdaeth

15. Wavy Gray Shag

Wavy Gray Shag
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Credit: @suddenlycurlyandgray

16. Blonde Shaggy Hair

Blonde Shaggy Hair 2
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Credit: @idaaxenstedthairdesign

17. Blonde Shaggy Hair

Blonde Shaggy Hair
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Credit: @rute_boazhair

18. Colored Shaggy Hair

Colored Shaggy Hair
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Credit: @idinahair

19. Curtain Bang

Curtain Bang
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Credit: @franciecawiezell

20. Cute Blonde Shaggy Hair

Cute Blonde Shaggy Hair
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Credit: @kennediaustin

21. Golden Blonde

Golden Blonde
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Credit: @caroljana

22. Grey Shaggy Hair

Grey Shaggy Hair
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Credit: @krystinahair

23. Long Shaggy Hair

Long Shaggy Hair
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Credit: @kleysonperes

24. Medium Shaggy Hair 2021

Medium Shaggy Hair 2021
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Credit: @rute_boazhair

25. Medium Shaggy Hair

Medium Shaggy Hair
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Credit: @lust.beauty

26. Orange Shaggy Hair

Orange Shaggy Hair
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Credit: @dirtysouthhair

27. Shaggy Fringe Layers

Shaggy Fringe Layers
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Credit: @deloramayday

28. Shaggy Hair

Shaggy Hair
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Credit: @insieme_di_mauro_melis_

29. Shaggy Hair

Shaggy Hair 1
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Credit: @moi.blestcolorist

30. Short Blonde Shaggy Hair

Short Blonde Shaggy Hair
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Credit: @silvananeveshair

31. Short Curly Hair

Short Curly Hair
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Credit: @sonoranrabbitstudio

32. Short Shaggy Hair

Short Shaggy Hair 2
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Credit: @elaoglobo

33. Short Shaggy Hair

Short Shaggy Hair 3
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Credit: @hairby.robyn

34. Short Shaggy Hair with Curtain Bangs

Short Shaggy Hair with Curtain Bangs
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Credit: @franciecawiezell

35. Short Shaggy Hair

Short Shaggy Hair
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Credit: @doramorenooo
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