35 Best Pixie Haircuts For A Trendy Look in 2020

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Think of a versatile pixie cut for every mood, occasion and image? Pixie hair styles always look elegant and there are dozens of fun pixie styles to choose from. If you are tired of having long hair and want to cut it for a great new hairstyle, a gnome is a great option because it is elegant and flexible.

We had the wrong idea for too long that it had to be some sort of political statement or anger to keep it short. This may be the case, but the outdated belief that long hair is the last symbol of femininity can no longer be true. Short hair is a style option and means as much as bold lipstick or the color of a nail.

The art of making a beautiful gnome is as simple as finding the right style that fits your face. Choose between long, short, asymmetrical, shaved or horse-drawn gnomes to find the perfect fit.

Source: Instagram @coupesdecheveuxoriginales
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