35 Best Medium Hairstyles to Look Gorgeous 2020

Medium hairstyles are a popular option in 2019 because of their versatility. Medium length hair varies from the center of the neck to shoulder height. This offers many style options, such as leaving hair with layers, waves, tails, tails or curls. For this formal occasion you can always place it in a good updo.

If you have long hair, why don’t you try medium length hair? Cutting a few centimeters can be a big change, but it is also the best change. Discover why all your favorite stars are doing their best and use fun and seductive locks of medium length.

These 35 medium length hairstyles are exactly what is between short and long. Each of these options is almost perfect because it is long enough to add curls, body or ponytail, but not so much that the weight reduces its wicks.

Source: Instagram @lovenhairspray
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