30+ Stylish Textured Pixie Cut That You Must Try For 2021

There is no doubt that short hair is fashionable, feminine and chic. That’s why our team has put together our eleven best ideas for the unforgettable year 2021. To make a cut, you can add bright background colors, subtle naive stripes or neon stripes.

Show off your soft complexion, accentuate your eyes with this short hairstyle suitable for thick, textured hair. This pixie hairstyle is short at the back and ends with a long hairstyle that accentuates your ears and a pair of fashionable earrings! Just apply mousse or wax to the longest part of the crown and dry the hair with a round brush to get enough roots.

Textured pixie hair is not just long hair. Just shake your short hair to add movement to your strand. The textured pixie cuts are easy to create and instantly give your look a fresh look for any occasion.

1. Blonde Textured Hair

Blonde Textured Hair
Credit: @louisemac.blaze_hair

2. Blue Pixie Cut

Blue Pixie Cut
Credit: @martinabmhair

3. Green Textured Pixie

Green Textured Pixie1
Credit: @sheeb.style
Green Textured Pixie2
Credit: @sheeb.style

4. Grey Undercut Pixie

Grey Undercut Pixie1
Credit: @niccijane_hair
Grey Undercut Pixie2
Credit: @niccijane_hair

5. Pulp Riot Pixie

Pulp Riot Pixie
Credit: @shmoakin_hair

6. Purple Pixiecut with Undercut

Purple Pixiecut with Undercut
Credit: @charm_el_le

7. Red and Green Textured Pixie

Red and Green Textured Pixie
Credit: @artistryandgrace

8. Short Pixie Fade Style

Short Pixie Fade Style1
Credit: @exotismos
Short Pixie Fade Style2
Credit: @exotismos

9. Short Textured Pixie

Short Textured Pixie
Credit: @halohaircrown

10. Silver Pixie Cut

Silver Pixie Cut
Credit: @linvicsa

11. Ultra Textured Pixie

Ultra Textured Pixie
Credit: @jeanphilippesalon

12. Beach Waves Pixie

Beach Waves Pixie
Credit: @cleanbeautyreveal

13. Black Pixie Cut

Black Pixie Cut
Credit: @kurzehaare

14. Blonde Pixie Cuts

Blonde Pixie Cuts
Credit: @frauen.frisuren

15. Blonde Pixie Undercut

Blonde Pixie Undercut
Credit: @atelie_erynsantos

16. Blonde Textured Pixie

Blonde Textured Pixie
Credit: @kurzehaare

17. Chestnut Red Textured Pixie

Chestnut Red Textured Pixie
Credit: @l_tashina.official

18. Mullet Hawk Pixie

Mullet Hawk Pixie
Credit: @bailey_aesthetics

19. Purple Pixie Haircut

Purple Pixie Haircut
Credit: @gabycortarte

20. Short Pixie Cut 2021

Short Pixie Cut 2021
Credit: @b.eautiful_k.ind

21. Short Pixie Cut

Short Pixie Cut
Credit: @kurzehaare

22. Short Pixie Cuts

Short Pixie Cuts
Credit: @elizabethmarieleroux

23. Side Parting Pixie Cuts

Side Parting Pixie Cuts
Credit: @maddiefergy

24. Brown Textured Pixie

Brown Textured Pixie
Credit: @kurzehaare

25. Pink Pixie Color

Pink Pixie Color
Credit: @dylikhairdesign

26. Purple Pixie Hair

Purple Pixie Hair
Credit: @iamnikolee

27. Red Pixie Hair

Red Pixie Hair
Credit: @mamawest_

28. Short Grey Hair

Short Grey Hair
Credit: @kurzehaare

29. Short Pixie Haircut

Short Pixie Haircut
Credit: @kurzehaare

30. Short Pixie Hairstyle

Short Pixie Hairstyle
Credit: @kurzehaare

31. Side Parting Pixie Haircut

Side Parting Pixie Haircut
Credit: @amandafamilybytheton

32. Silver Pixie

Silver Pixie
Credit: @silver.in.the.works

33. Silver Textured Pixie

Silver Textured Pixie
Credit: @kurzehaare