33 Cute Short Haircuts for Round Faces in 2019-2020

Under no circumstances should a round face restrict short hairstyles that you can wear. Whether it is a pixie with a long sleeve or a square bob, most current hair trends can be amazing.

Not all short hairstyles are suitable for a round face, but some of the following hairstyles look so cute that you can’t miss the pleasure of trying a spicy haircut to change it. Bob is the most popular short cut for a round face, but shorter versions of bobs are not contraindicated if they are designed correctly.

If you are blessed with a round face, you know that only one hairstyle is needed to go from a “radiant goddess” to a “baby face”. This fight becomes even more difficult if you are not a fan of long chains and prefer to keep things short and powerful.

Source: Instagram @toriilorna
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