30+ Cool Short Gray Hairstyles to Look Gorgeous

This short haircut with brushed forehead hair is an example of a chic style that is very popular with adult women. Short pixie haircuts for gray hair will give you a more youthful look especially if the hair is healthy and shiny.

Gray and silver colors are no longer associated with age and lack of style. Today, gray curls conquer beauty magazines and decorate the heads of models and actresses. The fear of aging no longer exists. New shades of gray from hairdressers and beauty manufacturers around the world show that gray can be beautiful if you put in enough effort.

In front of us are some of the prettiest gray-haired lobs and bobs you can wear this season, as seen on some of our favorite Instagram accounts and bloggers.

Cool Short Gray Hairstyles to Look Gorgeous 01
Source: Instagram @56kicks
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