33 Casual and Easy Pixie Haircuts to Look Cool This Year

If you are carefree and classic (the type that we all want to call fair), chances are that you will be considered a pixie hairstyle. (This is also one of the most popular styles, according to the new Pinstyle report from Pinterest).

A pixie haircut is modern, feminine and elegant. We have compiled a list of our best pixie hairstyles for the unforgettable year 2019. To make it a little better, you can add light tones, a subtle sweep or neon stripes. You don’t have to comb your hair for more than five or ten minutes in the morning. With a pixie size, it always stands out from the rest.

Pixies are perfect for women who travel a lot because they require little maintenance and can be very flattering. Here you can see and edit some great showelfs around the world. Check the information about each hairstyle, including the face shape and hair texture, to determine which pixie hairstyle is best for you!

Source: Instagram @jcx28
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