32 Latest Trend Pixie Haircuts You Will Love for 2019-2020

Short hairstyles for the winter of 2019 are bold and clear! From short and very short pixie cuts to hairstyles, from medium to short cuts, such as the beautiful sloppy bobsled to the most elegant, the trends introduced by Italian and international hairdressers are becoming increasingly aggressive.

The Pixie cut does not belong exclusively to a certain type of texture or hair thickness. Do you want to achieve a sweet and sweet effect? Do not hesitate to do it! Do you want to create a rebellious and nervous look? You can also do it with the right cut. Whether you have a smooth, thin or curly hair texture, make sure the Pixie cut looks great.

Pixie haircuts are for girls who love functionality, are easy to care for and look bold and bold every day. Pixie haircuts have become classic among girls’ short haircuts because they are very comfortable to wear and can have a different style, especially if you choose a pixie.

Source: Instagram @pixiepalooza
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