30 Short Grey Haircuts That Will Trend in 2021

Gray hair is more fashionable than ever, and when worn properly, it can create a very complicated look that other colors cannot. Don’t believe us? All you need to do is find a hairstyle for gray hair that makes you feel fresh, and your locks should be on-trend, not completely old. Many women are afraid of the first gray hair and try to cover them up with permanent dye. These shades of gray are not bad, you are still young, but it makes sense. If you have gray hair, you should go blonde or wear your silver highlights with pride and style.

Short grey hair can not only give you a youthful and stylish look, but it can also help you manage your hair on busy days. You can use all types of hair colors, but if you want an attractive look, you should know what is in fashion in the market. Gray is suitable for short hair, you have a good style.

Are you tired of your hair and considering trying a new hairstyle? If so, you’ve come to the right place. We have found 30 of the most beautiful women with short hair. You’ll find bobs, the pixie cut, shaved hairstyles and much more. We know many of you haven’t tried short hair yet. You may be a little afraid to cut your hair short, but you don’t have to be. There is a list of short hairstyles for gray hair that can help you understand what is trendy and perfect for your hair.

1. Grey Hair

Grey Hair
Credit: @heiko_helfrich_

2. Grey Pixie Haircut

Grey Pixie Haircut
Credit: @deborah__darling

3. Natural Color

Natural Color
Credit: @titaniumsilvergrey

4. Natural Gray Hair

Natural Gray Hair
Credit: @flyageless

5. Pixie Grey Hair

Pixie Grey Hair
Credit: @praygivefast

6. Short Colored Hair

Short Colored Hair
Credit: @heiko_helfrich_

7. Short Curly Hair

Short Curly Hair 2
Credit: @isa_izzabelle

8. Short Grey Hair

Short Grey Hair 2
Credit: @sarahmedwin

9. Short Grey Hair Over 40

Short Grey Hair Over 40
Credit: @janejaney72

10. Short Grey Hair with Glasses

Short Grey Hair with Glasses
Credit: @anne_miechen97

11. Short Grey Hair

Short Grey Hair 1
Credit: @morag_armstrong_noffke

12. Short Grey Pixie Cut

Short Grey Pixie Cut
Credit: @the_hair_library_

13. Short Silver Hair

Short Silver Hair
Credit: @_silver_suz_

14. Silver Hair

Silver Hair
Credit: @_su_ni_ta_a

15. Silver Hairs in Blue

Silver Hairs in Blue
Credit: @silver_is_sexy

16. Grey Pixie

Grey Pixie
Credit: @sonia_rohrbach

17. Grey Pixie Cuts

Grey Pixie Cuts
Credit: @putnamcountyhairstylist

18. Icy Grey Hair

Icy Grey Hair
Credit: @alexis_studiorawelite

19. Natural Grey Hair

Natural Grey Hair 2
Credit: @foreveryoungishstacey

20. Natural Grey Hair

Natural Grey Hair
Credit: @perry_ray_luvaze

21. Pink Grey Blonde

Pink Grey Blonde
Credit: @elkecardinael

22. Short Grey Bob

Short Grey Bob
Credit: @erbhair

23. Short Grey Hair 2021

Short Grey Hair 2021
Credit: @tessahazzard

24. Short Hair Sexy

Short Hair Sexy
Credit: @sonia_rohrbach

25. Short Sexy Hair

Short Sexy Hair
Credit: @sonia_rohrbach

26. Silver Curls Hair

Silver Curls Hair
Credit: @sarah_in_silver

27. Silver Hair Over 50

Silver Hair Over 50
Credit: @gladwrags2

28. Silver Short

Silver Short
Credit: @barberiasdelmundo

29. Grombre Hair

Grombre Hair
Credit: @dawnalexander78

30. Grey Bob Hair

Grey Bob Hair
Credit: @minhamaecosturaoficial