3 Easy Claw Clip Hairstyles for Medium and Long Hair

Hello, I don’t know about you but I’ve been living in claw clip hairstyles. This past year so I want to share with you my three favorite claw clip hairstyles. I love these looks not only because they’re quick and they’re easy but they’re nice and gentle on your hair while still looking cute.

So last night I slept in my robe curls so all I did was remove them and then gently comb through the curls, and I added a little bit of hair oil and that’s it.



1. Now first up is the French twist my favorite claw clip hairstyle.


Now begin by gathering your hair into a low ponytail, using only your fingers to smooth everything back, and then of course pull out any face-framing pieces to help soften the look.

Next, tightly hold your ponytail with your left hand at the base of your neck, and then come in from underneath with your right hand grabbing onto your ponytail, and then tightly twisting it counterclockwise as you bring your ponytail up the right side to the top.

Then hold it into place and fan out your twist pulling it upwards to create that french twist look. If your ends are short skip this step, if not tightly twist your ends counterclockwise while twisting them counterclockwise, so they sit at the top of your twist.

Now take your clip I love these ones from Kitsch and come in from the right leaving out your ends and secure your twists into place.

I love the look of the tousled ends and  I love that you can easily take this look from day to night it’s beautiful.

2. Next is a more chic version. This technique is a must if you have long or thick hair.


So hold your hair into a low ponytail while using your fingers to gently smooth back the hair, and then tightly hold your ponytail with your right hand, and we’re going to wrap it around your index and middle finger on your left hand.

So slide your right hand down a little bit placing your index and middle finger on the top and then you want to wrap your ponytail up over your fingers to the right.


Like this and then hook your fingers and tightly twist them at least one full turn while bringing them to the top of your head and any ends that are poking out just tuck them underneath your twist, and then take your clip and secure your twist into place.

How quick and easy this is such a wonderful technique to tightly and gently secure all of your hair back.

3. Next is a beautiful half-up look. It’s so quick.


So begin by gathering all the hair, just above your temples and completely section it off.

Next, hold your section with your right hand, and similar to the last hairstyle wrap your ends up, and over your index middle finger on your left hand, hook that section give it a half twist.


Then bring it up against your head, then take a  small clock clip and secure your twist so that the top peeks out.


Then go ahead gently loosen up that top bun and then pull in any small pieces around your crown to add some volume.

So there we have it I can’t wait to hear what you think don’t forget to let me know which of these hairstyles was your favorite and if you do end up recreating any of them.