28 Most Popular Updo Hairstyles for Women You Will Love

Updo hairstyles are one of our favorite Christmas looks. However, we are often ahead of ourselves when we realize how long it takes for an “elegant muffin” or a “bouffant” with “like” gems on Pinterest.

There is a variation in the classic updo for all of us, even for those who are afraid of the word updo. Your raised hair does not mean stiff and bald. So if you are looking for a simple hairstyle for your next wedding, birthday or other elegant occasion in your social calendar.

Cute updos are a fantastic hairstyle solution that allows you to fit long, medium and even short hair. Whether you prefer advanced braided bun hairstyles, complicated knots or occasional quick tests, you have different options in each category. Simple bows for long hair and simple locks are an ingenious way to comb your hair every day.

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Source: Instagram @syd_ahl
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