26 Trendy Short Blue Hair Color Ideas for A Unique Look

Blue hair is something you don’t see every day, which makes it a unique choice. If you often observe the relationship between women and their hair, you will notice how much importance they place on keeping their hairstyle neat and personal.

If you’re bored with your current look, have you seen how wonderful short blue hairstyles can be? Combine your favorite short hairstyle – pixie, bob, etc. – with your favorite short hairstyle. – Combine your favorite short hairstyle – pixie, bob, etc. – with any shade of blue for a bombshell style worthy of every selfie you take. The best part is that this color flatters all face shapes and textures.

Get amazing volume and texture by teasing the back of your short hairstyle and dyeing it with hairspray. A dark blue color is all you need for a modern and trendy style. Here are 26 short blue hair colors that illustrate what it looks like and hopefully feel like to get this type of hair color.

1. Blue Bob Haircut

Blue Bob Haircut
Credit: @munch.with.momo

2. Blue Bob

Blue Bob
Credit: @megchasehair

3. Blue Hair

Blue Hair
Credit: @isonlycosplay

4. Blue Mullet Hair

Blue Mullet Hair
Credit: @buzzcutfeedgold

5. Blue Ocean

Blue Ocean
Credit: @nikihamz

6. Blue Pixie Cut

Blue Pixie Cut
Credit: @thehairazor

7. Dark Blue Hair

Dark Blue Hair 2
Credit: @cutnj

8. Dark Blue Hair

Dark Blue Hair
Credit: @bighairbylilali

9. Gradient Blue Hair

Gradient Blue Hair
Credit: @sleekehair

10. Ocean Blue Pixie Cut

Ocean Blue Pixie Cut
Credit: @maddyhudsonhairx

11. Short Blue Hair

Short Blue Hair
Credit: @theyoungamericansalon

12. Short Blue Hair

Short Blue Hair1
Credit: @munch.with.momo
Short Blue Hair2
Credit: @munch.with.momo

13. Short Blue Lob Hairstyle

Short Blue Lob Hairstyle
Credit: @thecheekycarrienightingale

14. Short Pixie Haircut

Short Pixie Haircut
Credit: @happilyeverlandry

15. Black Blue Pixie

Black Blue Pixie
Credit: @buzzcutfeed

16. Blue Faded Hawk Cut

Blue Faded Hawk Cut
Credit: @buzzcutfeed

17. Blue Hair

Blue Hair 1
Credit: @buzzcutfeed

18. Blue Pixie Hair 2021

Blue Pixie Hair 2021
Credit: @happilyeverlandry

19. Blue Undercut Bob

Blue Undercut Bob
Credit: @buzzcutfeed

20. Lob Haircut

Lob Haircut
Credit: @_avesalon

21. Royal Blue Pixie

Royal Blue Pixie
Credit: @buzzcutfeed

22. Sea Blue Hair

Sea Blue Hair
Credit: @mr_d_hair

23. Short Blue Hair

Short Blue Hair 2
Credit: @val.vincent_

24. Short Blue Hair

Short Blue Hair 1
Credit: @colour_by_nikola

25. Side Parting Pixie Haircut

Side Parting Pixie Haircut
Credit: @happilyeverlandry

26. Stunning Blue Pixie Hair

Stunning Blue Pixie Hair
Credit: @buzzcutfeed