25 Stylish Inverted Bob Haircuts for Pretty Girls

Bob hairstyle is a frequent style that every modern woman tries, where inverted Bob is one of the most popular various Bob hairstyles which suits any hair texture and facial shape. Usually, it will emphasize the parting and lift of the tapered back with a length between the ears and the jawline.

Inverted bob hairstyle has been popular since the 1960s, it looks cool and stylish and never goes out of style, they are really easy to manage and maintain, and you can save a lot of unnecessary time on busy weekday mornings. Inverted bob cut can be worn with any color, from the usual blonde to summer blue, to adding highlights with an intriguing edgy wave, you have so many options!

The stacked inverted bob cut is long towards the front, while on the back there are stacked layers. Today we have here an exciting array of inverted bob haircut ideas to finish off your fabulous bob haircut!

1. Classic Blonde Bob

Classic Blonde Bob

It is a cool short blonde bob style that shows the contours of the face very well, the asymmetric bangs add a bit of coquettishness, and the black shadows and hair roots show your uniqueness.

2. Best Blonde-Bob Short Haircuts For Older Women

Best Blonde Bob Short Haircuts For Older Women

Bobs are so versatile with so many variations. Takes time to cut them well, though. Balancing weight so that it flows and is feather light, curving to follow the shape of the head. Cutting the perimeter angles and the layered angles to blend short in back to longer and less layered in front…. But so satisfying when you finally hit that sweet spot where it just feels “right”.

3. Golden Inverted Messy Bob Cut

Golden Inverted Messy Bob Cut

Short bob hair with messy style will inject new vitality into your inverted bob, the wavy shape will increase the necessary volume to create a fashionable hairstyle this summer. Short wavy hair can show you the perfect female image, it looks great!

4. Short Inverted Bob with Red Highlights

Short Inverted Bob with Red Highlights

Wow, a very special color. If you can’t wear this vibrant color combination in the workplace, please consider using a wig. This color is a futuristic color from online games. It can be popular in every season. Why not try it at parties to enjoy your freedom?

5. Choppy Inverted Bob

Choppy Inverted Bob

Complete restyle, she wanted to blend so the hairstylish cut a choppy inverted Bob and then styled it with waves.

6. Black Short Inverted Bob

Black Short Inverted Bob

This inverted bob is suitable for thick, dark hair. It can modify the round face and strong chin, highlighting the rosy cheeks and sexy lips.

7. Blue Balayage Textured Bob

Blue Balayage Textured Bob

What a big chop and roots balayage, the combination of blue sweeping and brown root shadows contrasts sharply with the wavy bob shape. This is an impressively textured bob style!

8. Green Messy Inverted Bob

Green Messy Inverted Bob

Looks great this green color, this special color will make you look as cute as a pixie, but if you are an office lady, you can get a wig and switch freely.

9. Grey Inverted Bob Dark Roots

Grey Inverted Bob Dark Roots

If you want to make a deep impression, please try to use avant-garde gray, the display level is gradually reduced to black shadows.

10. Simple Sassy Inverted Bob for Women Over 50

Simple Sassy Inverted Bob for Women Over 50
Simple Sassy Inverted Bob for Women Over 50 2

When you get older, a simple and easy-to-care style has become the pursuit of most women. This natural gray inverted bob must be something you need to consider.

11. Extreme Inverted Bob Hairstyles

Extreme Inverted Bob Hairstyles

Thick short hair is very suitable for steep inverted bobs. The back stack needs tight hair support to form such a lovely shape. The silhouette is amazing, in many people’s eyes, natural hair color and natural styling are the most perfect!

12. Natural Inverted Bob Haircut

Natural Inverted Bob Haircut

Inverted bob haircuts are totally in style for 2021! So, get ready for some serious inspiration with this super trendy type of bob! This is an iconic cut that transcends time for women of all ages, shapes, and personalities.

13. Blonde Straight Bob Hairstyles

Blonde Straight Bob Hairstyles

The neat styling is never out of date. Some small hair sticking out will not affect too much. Instead, it adds a playful element for showing a modern hair color concept. You can easily adapt to it.

14. Back View Of Smooth Short Inverted Bob

Back View Of Smooth Short Inverted Bob

If you are going to cut your hair short, why not consider it for this summer?

15. Straight Inverted Bob

Straight Inverted Bob

Love this modern inverted bob hairstyle that is a wonderful way to show your temperament. This high-fashion bob hairstyle shows the unique charm of a woman with warm copper highlights. Whether you are a mature office lady or a vibrant college student, it is suitable for you.

16. Pink Inverted Bob

Pink Inverted Bob

Pink hairstyle design is the latest fantasy bob hairstyle. What’s more special is that the pink and purple highlights are added to make this hairstyle more layered.

17. Dark Rich Brown Wavy Bob

Dark Rich Brown Wavy Bob

This beautiful color combo is perfect to spice up curly brunette hair. The depth of the dark rich brown at the roots makes the lighter pieces pop. This look is achieved by painting a darker root and melting a lighter color at the ends.

18. Curly Inverted Bob

Curly Inverted Bob

Once was long foiled and straight. Now balayage, bobbed and curly. Her morning routine and hair touch-ups have been cut in half… Giving her more time to play.

19. Inverted Bob Hairstyles with Brown Highlights

Inverted Bob Hairstyles with Brown Highlights

Bob hairstyle is suitable for kind and healthy hair. The copper color highlight brings surprise and joy to this inverted Bob, creating a dreamy color scheme in the sun.

20. Inverted Bob for Brunette Hair

Inverted Bob for Brunette Hair

What a cute black inverted bob with adding special purple highlights, this color combination can add an extra advantage to the fabulous fashionable bob hairstyle.

21. Blonde Messy Inverted Bob

Blonde Messy Inverted Bob

Bob hairstyle with elasticity can well modify the face shape and enhance your self-confidence.

22. Classic Inverted Bob

Classic Inverted Bob

If you like a conservative look, this classic inverted bob is very suitable, soft brown hair can make you look more beautiful and create shiny curtains.

23. Stacked Inverted Bob

Stacked Inverted Bob

Bob’s top has a smooth feel, but the copper highlights have a layered feel, it contrasts sharply with the black above.

24. Shiny Orange Inverted Bob

Shiny Orange Inverted Bob1
Shiny Orange Inverted Bob2

This orange tone is warm and soft that suitable for fair-skinned women and has a black gradient, which is much more fashionable than the previous look.

25. Classic Bob with Black Lowlights

Classic Bob with Black Lowlights

Blonde inverted bob has a clear outline, bright tassels form a strong shape, indicating that you are a unique girl, this shape is suitable for round and heart-shaped faces.