25 Short Layered Bob Hairstyles for Winning Looks

The bob is considered the most popular and chosen hairstyle of this year. This hairstyle will be the most popular. Millions of women choose a short hairstyle because it is very easy to maintain. Due to busy schedules, women cannot spend too much time on their hairstyle, but still want to look stylish and charming.

A short layered bob hairstyle is a hairstyle that is usually cut above the shoulders with fringes on the front and layers on the inside. It is a common hairstyle for both men and women. You can even shorten your hair by changing the length. This is a custom bob where layers are added to hide the bangs, give the hair texture and add more depth to the look. There are many ways to cut this hairstyle, but the basic method is to start at the nape of the neck and work forward.

Another advantage of the short layered bob hairstyle is that it suits all hair textures and face shapes. I could talk for hours about the benefits of this hairstyle, but rather take a look at these examples of short bob hairstyles in 2021 and get inspired for your next beauty class. The short bob is certainly stylish, but when it comes to a short haircut, it should have layers. Layers are a great option to add volume to fine hair.

1. Cute Layered Bob Hair

Cute Layered Bob Hair

Wow beautiful shape! It’s almost like she made it longer too!

2. Layered Bob Shag Cut

Layered Bob Shag Cut

A cute and cool shaggy mini bob for her, giving the hair so much more volume and movement. Also how great does it look with this color?!

3. Red Razor Cut Bob

Red Razor Cut Bob

This somewhat retro hairstyle, with mature red that can exude a charming light.

4. Long Layered Bob Shag

Long Layered Bob Shag

Wearing this short blonde hair, with black shadow roots.

5. Short Asymmetrical Bob Hairstyle

Short Asymmetrical Bob Hairstyle

How cool! Both options are very beautiful for the girl!

6. Balayage Color Layered Bob

Balayage Color Layered Bob

What an excellent wavy hairstyle, whether it is color or curly hair, it is full of layers.

7. Pastel Pink Hair

Pastel Pink Hair

Pink makes the boys wink, looks damned good.

8. Short Ginger Hair

Short Ginger Hair

Big chop and bring on the fall fire.

9. Blue and Green Textured Bob

Blue and Green Textured Bob

green is 1/2 limelight & 1/2 yellow.
blue is a custom mix of sapphire blue, true blue and cobalt blue.

10. Class with a side of Sass

Class with a side of Sass

Absolutely love this fun style and how versatile it is! Perfect for the office or a fun night out.

11. Summer Hair Layered Bob

Summer Hair Layered Bob

Just can’t get enough of bobs & beach waves.

12. Fringy Shaggy French Bobs

Fringy Shaggy French Bobs

Fringy shaggy French bobs always make me want to cut my hair off and this one is just perfect.

13. Strawberry Blonde Layered Bob

Strawberry Blonde Layered Bob

Some long bob hairstyles, the most prominent is its strawberry blonde color, Rare tones can help you stand out this year.

14. Short Hair Blonde Highlights

Short Hair Blonde Highlights

Short hair, really don’t care. You can add some highlights.

15. Long Layered Bob

Long Layered Bob

A big chop for this long layered bob.

16. Middle Parting Layered Lob

Middle Parting Layered Lob

No better way to show off your new do than with your best SELFIE!

17. Platinum Blonde Textured Bob

Platinum Blonde Textured Bob

This is literally magic, cotton candy unicorn princess!

18. Short Blonde Bob Razor Bangs

Short Blonde Bob Razor Bangs

What a cute short hair bob!

19. Balayage Hair Layered Bob

Balayage Hair Layered Bob

What a pretty layered bob for a lady that can let your mature temperament radiate.

20. Bright Pink Hair with Shadow Root

Bright Pink Hair with Shadow Root

Sometimes, short pink hair can make you more dazzling, whatever you are 20 or 40 years old.

21. Soft Pink Stuff + Layered Bob

Soft Pink Stuff Layered Bob

Great short wavy hair.

22. Pink Balayage Pixie Bob

Pink Balayage Pixie Bob

Rachel has been growing out a pixie with an undercut for a year now… finally, we achieved a shattered bob ✂️ However the one constant has been this dreamy pink color that gets better with length!

23. Grey Hair Layered Bob

Grey Hair Layered Bob

Short hairstyle for women over 60.

24. New Layered Bob

New Layered Bob

Big chop! Over 7 inches of hair! She looks adorable with her new layered Bob!

25. 90s Style Layered Bob

90s Style Layered Bob

This long layered bob is perfect for her hair and honestly, it’s perfect for my Instagram page. So happy to mix it up a little bit. Show this stunner some love!