25 Gorgeous Messy Bob Hairstyles for 2021

Messy hairstyles are now accepted by most women, it is everywhere and can be matched with many hairstyles, such as pixie, bob, short hair and long hair, etc. But you need to have a perfect messy look. Short hair is best for you, why not choose an elegant messy bob cut? Messy bob looks elegant, and will not be outdated for a long time, easy to style, suitable for women of any age.

Women love messy bob hairstyles, it seems that it can really give women what they need, they are modern and easy to maintain, and can help blur some of your facial features. You can also use exaggerated colors to make your hairstyle more fashionable.

Messy bobs provide a relaxed appearance, they are the best choice in 2021, texture and easy hair is a major focus of this year’s trend.

1. Short Blonde Messy Bob

Short Blonde Messy Bob

Simply just highlights and a good cut. Maintaining this to blend with her silvers without going too brassy is about every 6 weeks.

2. Messy Bob with Orange Eye Shadow

Messy Bob with Orange Eye Shadow

So freaking gorgeous loved this look, orange adds extra highlights to this messy bob hairstyle.

3. Blonde Balayage Summer Hair

Blonde Balayage Summer Hair

Summer’s not over yet! Dark roots make its color not monotonous.

4. French Bob Wavy Hair

French Bob Wavy Hair

French Bob is a long-lasting fashion, and its messy feeling is more elegant, coupled with the gorgeousness of red.

5. Shadow Root Blonde Bob

Shadow Root Blonde Bob

A perfect mess! She styled this using the Harry Josh® Pro Tools 1.25” Marcel and some KEVIN.MURPHY BEDROOM.HAIR.

6. Messy Textured Bob

Messy Textured Bob

She looks amazing, her hair looks so healthy!

7. Spoopy Style Bob Haircut

Spoopy Style Bob Haircut

Stuck between smoke and mirror
In pain beyond the windowpane
Shards melted to a fresh reflection

8. Razor Cut Bob Style

Razor Cut Bob Style

If you don’t want to be messy and swagger, you can try this slightly curled hair at the end.

9. Green Messy Bob

Green Messy Bob 1

Extravagant hair colors look great on the silhouette. Lady Gaga’s bob hairstyle would have been boring without this garish mint green.

10. Blunt Cut Messy Bob

Blunt Cut Messy Bob

Wow, this classic blunt bob cut is suitable for girls with oval faces. It is in line with the trend of simplicity and elegance.

11. Messy Bob Lob Haircut

Messy Bob Lob Haircut

Like 20 inches of hair later… big hair chop today for a cute modern lob.

12. Balayage Bob Haircut

Balayage Bob Haircut

Classic balayage color for messy bob, so it won’t look monotonous.

13. Red Short Messy Bob

Red Short Messy Bob

If the rain would stop for a single day, I’d be so happy.

14. Brunette Balayage Messy Bob

Brunette Balayage Messy Bob

Adding some dimension and a new shape to this beautiful lady, with a beautiful bob hairstyle.

15. Blonde Messy Bob

Blonde Messy Bob

Massive transformation on cute girl.

16. Blonde Messy Bob Short Hair

Blonde Messy Bob Short Hair

When you have blonde hair, you can maintain an elegant look with simple treatments.

17. Fringe Bob Hairstyle

Fringe Bob Hairstyle

Not everyone can pull off bangs, but I sure can.

18. Messy Bob with Balayage Highlights

Messy Bob with Balayage Highlights

What a wonderful hairstyle with balayage highlights.

19. Blonde Waves Bob Hair

Blonde Waves Bob Hair

Very natural short blonde hair, dark shadow roots can make it more charming.

20. Silver Short Bob Hair

Silver Short Bob Hair

Punk girl should be wear punk bob hairstyle.

21. Beach Waves Messy Bob

Beach Waves Messy Bob

The smile of satisfaction and happiness that is priceless.

22. Pink Messy Bob

Pink Messy Bob

Messy hair day! Never thought I’d actually enjoy having a bit longer hair!

23. Hot Pink Messy Bob

Hot Pink Messy Bob

Short pink bob is suitable for young girls, with dark hair roots, what a great look.

24. Pastel Pink Bob Hair

Pastel Pink Bob Hair

She can somehow wear any color and it always looks great.

25. Light and Breezy Razor Cut Bob

Light and Breezy Razor Cut Bob

Her hair was mostly one length but sort of heavy in the back and grown out. She didn’t want bangs but was open to a little something, this look is low maintenance, best air-dried.