24 Hottest Short Pixie Haircuts to Get A Fresh Look

Pixie Cut is not just a fashion statement. It is a symbol of the emancipation of women. It first appeared in the 1920s when women dared to break the form of femininity by cutting their hair faster than ever. Unfortunately the trend faded in the following decades until Audrey Hepburn in 1953.

The pixie have a great function. They are suitable for almost everyone. If you look at the short hairstyles we have made for you, you will certainly find one that suits your taste. Short pixies are easy to maintain. They require almost no maintenance. Some women dream of reducing hair products and the time they spend in the mirror.

You can do both with Pixie. There are many things that you can play with a pixie. Length, style, color, everything depends on you. So check out some great Pixie hairstyles to make the right decision.


1. Angular Disconnected Pixie

1. Angular Disconnected Pixie

Source: Instagram / @hashtagpixiecuts

Bold lines are displayed behind this disconnected elf, significantly enhanced by contrasting colors. The back neck gradually thins until approaching the shave, while a perfect angled V-frame pillow area. The hair grew longer and leaned toward the face, with a long, slender bangs and messy textured layers. The back of this hairstyle can show any shape or design you want, so be creative!

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