22 Trendy Short Undercut Bob Haircuts for Women 2021

A short undercut bob is a trendy hairstyle that is shaved on the side and styled at the neck, it will never go out of style. There is no doubt that these hairstyles are very popular at the end of the day. But many women do not dare to try it because short undercut are often seen in the hair. However, there are many sports methods, the most popular of which is the undercut.

The versatility of the undercut bob allows you to try a short, shaved style and still keep some hair length. It gives you the best of both worlds, we really appreciate it. Undercut Bobs require more information on styling and maintenance, but the art is crucial for people who develop new looks every day.

For most women, a unique hairstyle is not just about having the right hair, but also about finding the right hairstyle. Short hair can be a similar tattoo with a similar regret, but in fact no one will regret it. To save you time, we’ve compiled a list of 22 undercut bob hairstyles that are not only fashionable but also cute and fit a variety of face shapes and personalities.

1. Blonde Textured Bob

Blonde Textured Bob
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The colors are so pretty! She is excited to create with all the Earth tones and purples.

2. Silver Undercut Bob

Silver Undercut Bob
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Smooth silver cut makes you more fashionable, with appropriate ornaments.

3. Blonde Hair with Purple and Blue Undercut

Blonde Hair with Purple and Blue Undercut
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Would you do an undercut? Doing this helped create so much fun in her life and being able to keep it on the DL. Firstly, her hair was natural and had never seen color, now she has been blonde, rose gold, a shimmery purple, and THIS, which was amazing!

4. Rose Gold Undercut Bob

Rose Gold Undercut Bob
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Amazing job, also a little tip, when you style the hair for a picture try something different, for example parting the hair behind the ear made this picture so much cooler.

5. Blue Undercut Bob

Blue Undercut Bob
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Great color. Blue may be the best choice to blend in with the beach in the passionate summer.

6. Blonde Wavy Bob

Blonde Wavy Bob
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Great job! and gorgeous result! 100% hairline precision.

7. Side Cut Style

Side Cut Style
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When you don’t know what shape to choose, this undercut bob can make you feel comfortable.

8. Wavy Bob with Highlights Toned Lilac

Wavy Bob with Highlights Toned Lilac
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She loves creating hair that makes clients feel authentically like themselves!

9. Crispy Clean Undercut Bob

Crispy Clean Undercut Bob
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Sexy blue cut, for this hot summer!

10. Curly Undercut Bob

Curly Undercut Bob
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What a cute summer undercut bob.

11. Purple Balayage Angled Bob

Purple Balayage Angled Bob1
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Purple Balayage Angled Bob2
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Colorful balayage and haircut for this cutie! The stylist also did a side shave on both sides.

12. Rose Gold and Green Undercut Bob

Rose Gold and Green Undercut Bob
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What a beautiful color combination that makes you unique among the crowd.

13. Green Undercut Bob

Green Undercut Bob
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New hair, new glasses, looking immense.

14. Matrix Hair Undercut Bob

Matrix Hair Undercut Bob
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The combination of orange and black highlights your vitality in the hot summer.

15. Undercut Pixie Bob

Undercut Pixie Bob
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A fashionable yet sporty haircut that will satisfy anyone from an aspiring young professional to a rock star.

16. Classic Bob with a Bang

Classic Bob with a Bang
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A classic Bob with a bangin lil twist, it looks awesome.

17. Short Balayage Bob

Short Balayage Bob
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Summer is here. You ready for something fresh and modern? Let’s do this.

18. Pink Asymmetrical Undercut Bob

Pink Asymmetrical Undercut Bob
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Fun lil asymmetrical undercut, it is so cute color.

19. Blue and Brown Undercut Bob

Blue and Brown Undercut Bob
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Loving these blue highlights, it can make you a little punk.

20. Blonde Undercut Bob

Blonde Undercut Bob
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This undercut bob is perfection, love the shape & that stack at the back.

21. Side Parting Blonde Bob

Side Parting Blonde Bob
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It is so important when you are starting with dark hair that you can’t go to blonde overnight. So pretty for spring and summer! Love the blonde! Must be heading toward summer.

22. Buzzed Undercut Bob

Buzzed Undercut Bob
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It is very good for women over 40. It is neither too old nor too mature but also has a mature charm.