22 Pretty Fall Hairstyles You Can’t Miss

Summer is over, but the fun is not over, autumn is a great opportunity to show your charm, autumn is very friendly to women with long hair, you can choose romantic and cute hairstyles.

From summer to autumn, the season gets cooler, students will return to school, and the air becomes fresher. A good autumn hairstyle is a new start. This is not only a simple way to change the appearance, but also a good opportunity to eliminate hair damage.

Whether you choose a simple back-to-school hairstyle, customize an elegant hairstyle for your date, or just want to make a change in the fall, we can meet your needs. Here are some of our pretty fall hairstyles for 2021.

1. Half Up Fall Hairstyle

Half Up Fall Hairstyle

Half up for fall, it is so cute that you can last to winter.

2. Medium Curly Hair

Medium Curly Hair

Best of blonde balayage color!

3. Shag Fall Hairstyles

Shag Fall Hairstyles

Shag baby from earlier in the spring/summer.

4. Autumn Fashion Pearl Scrunchies

Autumn Fashion Pearl Scrunchies

Hello September! You can add cute pearl scrunchies into fall hairstyle, then make everything perfect!

5. Autumn Stronger Hair

Autumn Stronger Hair 1

Let’s celebrate less hair fall in the next coming months!

6. Blonde Fall Hairstyle

Blonde Fall Hairstyle

Here is a sneak peek in a perfect new color, mango blonde!

7. Red Pulpriot Hair

Red Pulpriot Hair

Yes, it’s pink hair! A change from all the blonding.

8. Double Four Strands

Double Four Strands

So cute braids, gorgeous puppy!

9. Medium Fall Hairstyles

Medium Fall Hairstyles

Look at that fresh, FALL, balayage!

10. Short Bob Haircut

Short Bob Haircut

When you decide to have short hair, you might consider this blonde color.

11. Medium Red Hair with Lowlights

Medium Red Hair with Lowlights

It’s a new change of color for the fall season.

12. Fall Hairstyles Ombre Highlights

Fall Hairstyles Ombre Highlights

Honey blonde for this mama to be.

13. Blue Balayage Hair

Blue Balayaged Hair

Midnight fade, the end of short hair can be followed by blue tones.

14. Soft Updo Hair

Soft Updo Hair

That’s THE most creative braid, and you are gorgeous in it, this is so beautiful.

15. Gorgeous Shiny Purple Hair

Gorgeous Shiny Purple Hair

It looks gorgeous with shiny purple hair.

16. Dutch Braid Pretty Hairstyles

Dutch Braid Pretty Hairstyles

What an elegant updo hairstyle, especially suitable for young girls.

17. Ombre Highlights Fall Hair

Ombre Highlights Fall Hair

Beautiful color, super cute cut.

18. Blonde Bayalage Fall Hairstyles

Blonde Bayalage Fall Hairstyles

“Sometimes the wind has a mind of her own and we let her do her thing”

19. Ice and Dark Balayage

Ice and Dark Balayage

Soft shoulder-length hair is also a hairstyle that does not require much maintaince. The mid-parting hair makes you no longer tired in the morning.

20. Wavy Purple Hair

Wavy Purple Hair

It is a cool wavy hair with red color.

21. Beach Waves Hair

Beach Waves Hair

Just enough dark to warm it up for this season, while still keeping that beautiful blonde.

22. Blonde Balayage Medium Hair

Blonde Balayage Medium Hair

A cool blonde balayage… perfect for winter!